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Baer Chain Global Node Teams Accelerated the Development of Blockchain Games

Last Updated April 24, 2023 8:33 AM
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Last Updated April 24, 2023 8:33 AM

On May 24th, the Baer Chain “Curvature Navigation” Global Series of developers conferences was launched in South Korea, and South Korea became the first stop for Baer Chain to explore technological innovations after entering the comprehensive decentralized governance and development stage.

At the conference, the founder and CEO of Baer Chain, Vincent delivered a presentation entitled “MEP: Curvature Navigation”, which introduced the milestones of Baer Chain from its founding to the present, and the progress of Million Ecology Project (MEP).

In April, Baer Chain launched the global MEP Super Nodes Campaign and selected 21 super nodes and 30 alternative nodes. The selected nodes formed a nodes committee. The official release of the “Nodes Committee Governance Charter” indicates that Baer Chain has completely begun the decentralized governance model.

At the conference, Stefan, Baer Chain specially invited guest,also explained the advantages of the Baer Chain technology structure and how the node team began to develop games on the Baer Chain MainNet. According to Vincent, all game development teams will gradually develop blockchain games based on Baer Chain technology. Currently, over 10 games are under development and will be launched in the Baer Chain ecosystem.

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“Baer Chain has entered the technological breakthrough phase of curvature navigation.” When talking about future planning, Vincent said that we will open a series of developers conferences with the theme of “Curvature Navigation” on a global scale, along with industry elites around the world. Vincent also said: “Korea is our first stop, and we will continue to accelerate in Amsterdam, London, and other areas, and finally go to North America.”

Finally, Vincent revealed that Baer Chain will hold the ultimate feast at the end of Curvature Navigation conferences tour in North America. At that time, we will invite world-class industry elites to participate in the official launch of the Baer Chain mainnet.

For more information, please visit the website: http://www.baerchain.com/ , or https://twitter.com/BaerChain 

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