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How Bad Bunny Became the Next Kanye West – Without the Drama

Published September 29, 2020 6:40 PM
Aaron Weaver
Published September 29, 2020 6:40 PM
  • Bad Bunny has sky-rocketed to fame and become a cultural icon in just a few years.
  • His latest venture? Glow in the dark Crocs.
  • Bunny’s epic rise and business are reminiscent of Kanye West. But why has Kanye undercut himself while Bad Bunny continues to ascend?

Bad Bunny is in the midst of an epic come-up reminiscent of one Kanye West.

Now he has the ugly shoes to prove it.

The LGBTQ/reggaeton icon can seemingly do no wrong. Meanwhile, Kanye West, as of late, can’t help but trip over himself. Why is one artist smoothly transitioning into superstardom while the other keeps stumbling?

The answer might surprise you.

Bad Bunny Enters the Fashion World

Bad Bunny, aka Benito Martínez, is no stranger to style. Whether he’s dressed as a man or woman, he hasn’t shied away from expressing himself.

His latest venture is no exception. Check out his latest project, Bad Bunny Crocs:

Bad Bunny
The Internet is fawning over these. | Source: Twitter 

Yes, Twitter is clamoring over these shoes that are nothing more than a basic pair of Crocs with a few glow-in-the-dark stickers glued onto them.

Are they worse than Kanye West’s Foam RNNRs? I’ll let you be the judge.

Kanye West
Great minds fail alike. | Source: Twitter 

These artists have an equally terrible taste in shoes, but that’s not all they have in common.

Bunny & Kanye Rise to the Top

Both Bad Bunny and Kanye West have experienced rapid rises in fame. And they both did it by being unapologetically themselves.

But Bad Bunny has taken a far different route. He’s promoting love and inclusion and all spectrums of sexuality in a space that’s traditionally shunned it. And his fanbase is reflecting that love back to him. He lit his base on fire with this video:

Meanwhile, Kanye West has everything he could ever want, but he’s continually sabotaged himself. Whether inexplicably running for president, stealing the limelight from other artists, or divulging highly private information about his family , Kanye West has not been able to align with that same type of love and stability.

Why is that?

Kanye West Had a Different Life

While it’s easy to pin all of Kanye’s troubles on his mental health issues, it goes deeper than that. Part of the reason people struggle with mental health is genetics, but part of it is also from upbringing.

Kanye West’s parents, although they parted amicably, divorced when he was just three-years-old . There are encyclopedias worth of research that show the mental effects of growing up in a fatherless household.

One expert suggests that growing up without a father can cause someone to become angrier  and make them more likely to turn to drugs. Another study suggests those children are more likely to be depressed, aggressive, or have low self-esteem. 

We know he can be aggressive. And even though Kanye West can sometimes seem like the most confident person in the world, that can be a coping mechanism for low self-esteem. But he’s still managed to bring us joyful hits:

Bad Bunny, meanwhile, grew up with two loving parents in a structured, Catholic setting. During an interview with Rolling Stone,  he even said:

I wasn’t the kid who got involved in the streets. I liked to be at home with my family.

That stable upbringing likely to more stability throughout his life.

Kanye West’s less stable upbringing is probably what led him to be attracted to the empty calories that are the Kardashians. Making such questionable choices have led to a tumultuous relationship. While he was suffering a breakdown, Kim was posting thirsty Instagram pics. 

Kanye West
Kim & Kanye had a rough quarantine. | Source: Twitter 

Kanye, and other fatherless kids can still get back on track, but they have to be willing to seek help. So far, it seems like Kanye has avoided it.

Hopefully, he finds the help he needs and starts making the shoes we want.

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