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AXEL Wallet Now Live On Blockchain Powered AXEL.Network

Last Updated April 24, 2023 8:27 AM
Press Release
Last Updated April 24, 2023 8:27 AM

A Solution for Safe, Secure Peer-to-Peer Transactions for Users Everywhere

Las Vegas, NV, June 4, 2019 – AXEL , a Las Vegas startup announces the launch of AXEL.Wallet , which goes live today on its blockchain powered AXEL.Network. This is a  global, distributed and decentralized network secured by Masternode technology to help foster the movement from centralized to decentralized computing – often referred to as the internet of the future. Users around the globe now have an alternative solution for safe, secure and true peer-to-peer transactions.

The Wallet going live signifies the realization of full implementation of the AXEL blockchain, which secures the AXEL Network. The desktop wallets are now available, with web and mobile wallets to be released in June.  When accessing AXEL.Network, users can now utilize AXEL Wallet to store their AXEL Tokens and execute transactions that include sending or sharing digital assets, or eventually selling digital content (i.e. images, music, games, etc.).

“People often think of Blockchain as a faraway concept, but in reality, it’s a formidable technology with real world use cases, and AXEL Wallet illustrates just how it can be a part of one’s everyday life,” noted Ben Ow, President, and CTO of AXEL. “We keep building solutions that provide a better and more secure way for users to manage data every day. We are excited to be at the forefront once again, with the launch of AXEL Wallet on our AXEL.Network platform.”

How Does AXEL Wallet Work

AXEL Wallet is the first to utilize a transaction hash explorer, which means that a user can check a transaction hash that is linked to real-world data. This is part of the company’s proprietary SOAP Process (Secure Organize Authenticate Protect), which serves as the platform’s foundation, and links user transactions to real data such as a warranty, software license, contract, or other real-time information that may be relevant.


It also means that digital assets and data on the network can have immutability – in other words, anything that is transacted on AXEL.Network and originated from the network’s distributed database or storage products will be unchangeable when attached to one of the transaction hashes.

AXEL Wallet is comprised of the following key features:

  • Full cryptocurrency wallet functionality
  • Multi-sig capabilities allowing multiple people to manage wallets at the same time
  • Overview of network functionality and Masternodes Staking component

– If a user keeps the wallet live and stakes tokens in that wallet, the user can receive rewards without operating a Masternode

About AXEL

AXEL is committed to providing users with true ownership over their data with dynamic, easy-to-use technology solutions

for file sharing, access, security and privacy, transfer, streaming and integration, from one secure platform. The company just launched AXEL.Network, a global decentralized network to help foster the movement from centralized to decentralized computing — the next-generation internet.

With operations in North America, Asia and Europe, the company’s veteran 100+ member team built a suite of proprietary software products already used by millions of people globally, with patented technology and a user-friendly app that works across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The AXEL platform allows users to link digital content across all of their devices, without using a third-party.

For more information, visit AXEL.Network  and follow us on Discord Twitter  and Medium .

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