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James Morales

James Morales is a journalist specializing in crypto and Web3 news and commentary. He was initially drawn to the technology due to its democratic potential. In fact, James believes that blockchains, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and other such tools for decentralization can play an important role in empowering current and future generations of technology users. Having started out his journalistic career writing about digital art, James then turned to focus on financial technology before settling on the crypto space as his preferred topic of interest. He is especially excited by the latest technological advances and innovative new use cases. He also writes about other subjects including Artificial Intelligence and online culture. Away from the immediate news cycle, James enjoys more in-depth research projects and long-form essay writing. He has previously written a master’s thesis on the politics and culture of the darknet. His other research areas include cybernetics, and the history and sociology of the internet.
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