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Darryn Pollock

Darryn is an experienced cryptocurrency journalist and editor. He began reporting on the sector in 2016, working as a journalist for popular publishers such as Forbes and Cointelegraph. He has also helped several projects and protocols with their content strategy needs. As an editor, Darryn has helped launch a few crypto publishing sites while also leading writing teams covering all aspects of this niche but ever-growing industry. Darryn’s key interest, when covering crypto news, falls into regulation and the relationship between blockchain innovators and lawmakers. However, he has a broad interest in everything from highly technical protocol updates to the latest NFT drops. He also enjoys understanding how enterprises are looking to implement blockchain technology and how these household names can help propel the entire industry into the mainstream. In his personal life, Darryn enjoys sports, having also worked as a sports reporter. He has a keen interest in watching football, rugby, cricket, and NFL, but also enjoys playing squash and Padel. Darryn also enjoys gaming and tech in general but does not spend all of his time behind a screen, he also gets out into nature whenever he can.
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