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Australian Alternative Currency/Banking Firm DeMorgan Ltd. To Offer Free Webinar On Supercomputers Beginning June 17

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM

DeMorgan Ltd., a Sydney, Australia-based company focused on alternative currency and next-generation banking, will offer a free, five-week webinar course on Australian supercomputers beginning June 17. The course will be offered in conjunction with IT Masters and Charles Sturt University in Australia. DeMorgan Ltd. has completed several bitcoin-based research projects.

The course has been designed for experienced C programmers interested in learning how to program and maintain supercomputers. Students are expected to be familiar with C programming language and Linux. They will also need a basic knowledge of statistical and machine learning.

Dr. Craig Wright, founder, and CEO of DeMorgan and its related group of companies, will present the course.

Get course material two weeks in advance

Students will be provided online material in preparation for the course two weeks prior to the first webinar. The course will allow students to learn how to program and maintain parallel systems. Students will have real-time access to one of the world’s fastest supercomputers where they will run simulations, develop statistical learning systems, be trained in machine learning and code simple bots.

The five-week course will have live, interactive lectures delivered weekly via webinars. Recordings of the webinars will be available for those unable to attend the live events. In between the webinars, students will be asked to complete extra study and reading.

There will be an optional exam at the end of the course where students will be given access to the supercomputer. The 10 students who achieve the highest grade in the exam and have contributed to the discussion forum will receive a prize of a Xeon Phi co-processor card. This card will allow them to create and maintain their simulations.

What you will learn

The first week June 17 will address the following topics:

Ready for the next digital revolution?
Clusters serve up a challenge
Australian grid computing
Gathering up in clusters

Week two, June 24, will address:

Distributed computing: power grid
Thread programming
Parallel computing overview
Cluster computing: Introduction and system architecture

Week three, July 1 will address:

Parallel programming models and paradigms
MPI programming and executing MPI using PBS
Economic scheduling algorithms
Programming in R on MIC systems

Week four, July 8 will address:

C programming on MIC (Xeon Phi)
Issues with cluster systems
The future of HPC and parallel programming

Week five July 13 to 17 will consist of a practical exam on the supercomputer.

To enroll, go to: