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Anthem Suffers Crippling Blow as Lead Producer Exits BioWare

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:53 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:53 PM

By CCN.com: Anthem’s lead producer, Ben Irving, revealed  that he is set to depart from developer BioWare, marking a further somber note in the title’s short, but turbulent history.

Taking to Twitter to announce the news earlier today, Irving explains he will be moving to an as of yet undisclosed company, but still within the gaming industry.

Irving: Troubled BioWare Game Has a ‘Bright Future’

Alongside waxing lyrical about his long tenure at BioWare, Irving praises the remaining Anthem team and presages a ”bright future” for the game. Although PR lacquer befitting the situation envelops such an optimistic take, Irving’s departure represents a spoke in the wheels of the very future he predicts.

Personal circumstances may very well fuel Irving’s decision, but to onlookers, it raises questions. Is Anthem’s current state so dire that even its makers are jumping ship?

Anthem’s Unfortunate Path to Failure

Anthem Suffers Further Blow as Lead Producer Announces Departure
Anthem is becoming another one of EA’s legendary costly mistakes. | Source: Anthem/BioWare/EA

BioWare battled a rocky launch amidst vehement backlash from players. The poorly received, not to say delayed, attempts at improving the game with sporadic updates didn’t do much to help. The latest update , Cataclysm, was released to little fanfare earlier this month, demonstrating that Anthem is quickly becoming a costly mistake for publisher EA.

Today’s news is tinged with a degree of sadness given the lofty expectations evoked by Anthem’s well-oiled marketing build-up. But most of all, it does little to assuage concerns that the game is already a dismal failure despite BioWare’s best efforts.

Two years ago when EA unveiled Anthem at E3, few could have predicted such a vertiginous fall for a game with so much promise.