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Alluva Partners With Refinitiv, Improves Cryptocurrency Insights And Analysis For Long-Term Institutional Investment

Last Updated April 18, 2023 3:52 AM
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Last Updated April 18, 2023 3:52 AM

Alluva, a blockchain-based product that tracks sentiment data collected from millions of crypto users across the globe to generate actionable research and data for institutional, startup, cryptocurrency, and retail investors, recently announced their partnership with global financial market leader, Refinitiv.

The $1 Billion Startup That Launched Alluva

Alluva has been introduced by global startup and investment insights provider, Oddup . It is being led by Oddup CEO and Co-founder, James Giancotti. Giancotti has been increasingly vocal about the influence of cryptocurrencies in the investment sector, and the problems they face. He has followed the crypto market since the time Bitcoin first began to garner attention, and has seen firsthand, through interactions with customers, how the growth of blockchain has been driven by digital currencies.

Discussions with upcoming startup founders and long-term investors also showcased the flip side of the equation – there is a lot of noise in the crypto market and accurate data and analysis is difficult to come by, while also being almost inseparable from rumor and biased opinion.

Giancotti reiterated the same on the occasion of the partnership announcement, saying, “Today, crypto-assets, digital ledger technologies, blockchain, and virtual currencies have made themselves integral to the investment sector. What is lacking is clarity and transparency, fair and unbiased evaluations of cryptocurrencies and ICOs, and emphasis on the right blockchain projects amongst the options becoming visible.”

Alluva  uses inputs from millions of users and applies a proprietary algorithm, determined through Oddup’s experience and expertise, to this bulk of information. This provides institutional investors with accurate and sentiment data that directly reflects the community’s standing on individual currencies and projects, allowing them to identify high-return investment options.

An increasing number of cryptocurrency traders and advocates continue to focus their attention on the better-known digital assets, while others that may have high potential remain ignored due to a lack of information and accurate analysis. The problem that Alluva primarily aims to address is the lack of this data, and the provision of insights that are unbiased, trustworthy, verified, and clearly visible to decision makers.

Partnership With Refinitiv

The Alluva-Refinitiv partnership is the second one between both entities. Earlier, Refinitiv had partnered with Oddup for the Eikon app  which streams startup, sector, region, and investment insights and data in real-time.

Speaking on the partnership, Leon Saunders Calvert, Head of Capital Markets and Advisory at Refinitiv, said, “It is an exciting time for corporate capital raising as non-traditional forms of security issuance come to market, specifically those which service the underrepresented SME space, which includes Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings (STOs). We are delighted to partner with Oddup, with whom we have a long standing partnership associated to rating startups in Asia, in order to provide more data transparency around issuance that utilises digital ledger technologies and ratings for cryptocurrencies.”

James Giancotti added, “Oddup has always been consistent in improving the investment landscape through products, services, insights, and analyses that matter. That is what led to our partnership with Refinitiv. Alluva’s insights will solve these problems [existing in the cryptocurrency market], improve mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and enable blockchain technology growth.”

Alluva will be integrated into the Eikon app in Q2 of 2019 to give Eikon and Refinitiv customers access to cryptocurrency listings, prices, market sentiment, predictions, and analyses, as well as information on ICOs and STOs.

For more information, visit Alluva’s Medium account here , or join their Telegram Group here .

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