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Alibabacoin Foundation Announces the End for the ABBC Coin Giveaway Event

Last Updated May 6, 2023 4:25 AM
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Last Updated May 6, 2023 4:25 AM
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It is known that all good things come to an end. After a lot of extensions and giving more opportunity for more people to be able to participate in Alibabacoin’s Airdrop Event , the company finally announced that it will be over soon.

Alibabacoin Foundation announced in their official channels that on September 7, 2018, the KYC event will be fully completed, and their team will stop the KYC verification and referral counts. This means that you will not be able to register anymore after this date.

Alibabacoin Foundation encourages everyone to finish registering and completing the processes required so that everyone will get the free 100 ABBC for registration and also the 20 ABBC per referral. This will be the last week allocated for this as the event is bound to end.

With regards to referrals, the company would like the participants to remind their referrals to complete the requirements that need to have an approved account. This is because the 20 ABBC that a participant will get after referral will only be credited if the referral completes the requirements as well.

Due to the overwhelming number of participants who wanted to get their FREE ABBC, the transfer of the coins will take 2 weeks of completing the process. This means that only after completion of all the required document submissions, and transfer request from a participant, only then will the transfer begin for their coins. Alibabacoin Foundation  would like to thank their community for their patience and continued interest in supporting the project.


As you may have already heard before, the event is ending to make way for Alibabacoin Foundation’s preparations to get listed on different exchange platforms. This was also announced in an official announcement made by their CEO that was posted on their very own social media platforms.

In their previous announcement, their CEO mentioned:
“Currently, we are finalizing the listing date with different exchanges which include the exchanges with confirmation. Once the listing date is fixed, we will announce the exact date and the list of the exchanges.”

Due to the cryptocurrency prices dropping in the market, it was noted in their announcement that they were not able to list with one major exchange exclusively at the company’s expected price. This may be the reason why there have been some delays in the listing. But in the same announcement, they also told the community that they will be listing in more exchanges at the same time rather than just listing on one major exchange exclusively.

This is definitely good news for the followers and supportive community of Alibabacoin. The company is asking people to stay tuned and focus on completing the giveaway event to get more coins before the coin gets listed in various exchange platforms.