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Bitcoin Will Annihilate the Dollar, and Alex Jones Is Terrified

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:38 PM
Greg Thomson
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:38 PM

Alex Jones was in full agreement with the Bitcoin crowd for about five seconds this week, when he proclaimed the slow death of fiat currencies.

However, in the next breath, he warned that the replacement for the inflated fiat corpse would be something even more terrifying: a “blockchain or Bitcoin-style system” run by the globalists.

Bitcoin: the cash-killer

During July 22nd’s episode  of his flagship show, Infowars, Alex Jones portended the slow death of global currencies due to inflation, stating:

“The globalists have already inflated the world currencies worse than the Weimar Republic, worse than Zimbabwe ever thought about. And so it’s a race by different currencies to see which one can stay most solvent because all the others are going to go down.”


During the worst times in Germany and Zimbabwe, wheelbarrows were needed to carry around enough cash to buy a loaf of bread. Those times aren’t upon us yet, but did you know that your money is worth just one-third  of what it was as recently as 1980?

In the U.S, inflation continues, yet the everyday use of cash is dying out . Likewise, in Britain, the use of notes and cash is set to fall to 21% by 2026 . Already, remote areas of the country are being affected as cash circulation drops below useable levels.

Jones went on to declare the death of the dollar and suggested Bitcoin – or a Bitcoin-style system – is being positioned to replace it.

“Out of whoever survives, it will form the basis for the new global blockchain, bitcoin-style system. So we’re coming to the end of the age. There’s no fixing the dollar at this point there’s no going back.”

The new boss: just like the old boss?

Alex Jones Bitcoin Joe Rogan
Alex Jones has been on both sides of the Bitcoin fence. | Source: YouTube / PowerfulJRE

The Infowars frontman has straddled both sides of the line when it comes to Bitcoin in recent years. He once accepted Bitcoin donations on his Infowars website, but that option has since been removed. More recently Alex Jones went after Bitcoin via Jack Dorsey , saying the Twitter CEO’s appraisal of Bitcoin on the JRE podcast was tantamount to a pump and dump.
Jones also made the bold claim that George Soros once offered him $5 million to advertise and pump Bitcoin.

Even among Bitcoin believers, the question remains: is BTC really the freedom currency it’s made out to be? Or is it simply the final digital pawn in the globalist endgame ?

As with everything Jones says, there’s room for interpretation. But if Bitcoin/blockchain is being set up as the next globally-controlled system, then the new boss is no better than the old boss.

In fact, it may be many magnitudes worse. At least with fiat, you can hide the money under your bed, and trade it in local circles for banned/illegal goods and services.

Right now, the proliferation of darknet markets is evidence that Bitcoin can play the latter role. Likewise, the ongoing Craig Wright saga is proof that millions can be kept private, despite the best efforts of the legal system.

The corporate face of cryptocurrency

But if Bitcoin really is the future, and the future is ruled by the same people who rule the present, then that won’t be the case for long. The only way for Bitcoin to succeed with its virtue intact is to destroy the current system – not to become a part of it. Otherwise, blockchain will be remembered as the harbinger of economic tyranny, rather than its liberator.

As Alex Jones warns, we’re at the end of an age. Given the rapid decline in the use of cash for everyday purposes, there seems little doubt that the future of money is digital. But who’s going to be in charge of those digits – them or us?

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