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Aitheon Executives Collaborate with World Leaders on Benefits and Challenges of AI at the Annual World Government Summit in Dubai

Last Updated April 28, 2023 6:16 AM
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Last Updated April 28, 2023 6:16 AM
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Bitcoin Press Release – Aitheon’s  revolutionary blockchain-powered platform brings AI, humans, smart devices and robots together to enable new solutions to world problems.

March 29th, 2018 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Aitheon , makers of the world’s first blockchain-powered platform to solve real problems by integrating AI, robotics, IoT, human specialists and cryptocurrency, announced today that executives from the company held a series of high-level briefings with world leaders at the Annual World Government Summit in Dubai. Briefings covered the benefits and challenges of AI, and revolutionary new solutions to world challenges made possible by transformative new technologies.

Aitheon  founder and CEO, Andrew Archer, and Chief Strategy Officer, Ryan Burleson, were invited to collaborate with leaders at the Summit to share thoughts on the governance of AI. The Summit brings together world leaders in government and industry to showcase cutting-edge innovations, and the latest trends in smart solutions to provoke discussion and inspire creativity.

Archer and Burleson addressed a variety of AI-related topics at the Summit, the impact of AI on workforce, cybersecurity, ethics and code of practice; and the impact of AI on cross-sector dynamics, best practices, fintech and regtech. The pair also addressed future cities and AI in partnership; how governments can use AI; and governments’ importance in investing in human capital and AI.

The Summit, which is focused on the betterment and wellbeing of humanity and the earth, was the perfect setting for discussions of the Aitheon Platform , which uniquely leverages the power of AI to orchestrate the work of robots and connected devices with human specialists and pilots – all commercially enabled by Aitheon’s  own cryptocurrency.


Aitheon founder and CEO, Andrew Archer commented;

“We’re rapidly entering a new era, where humans, AI systems, smart devices, and robots work hand-in-hand to improve our world. Ryan and I were excited to see how ready world leaders in government, business and finance are to embrace transportation and logistics, data entry and retrieval, remote piloting of semi-autonomous vehicles and more.”

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About the World Government Summit      

The World Government Summit is one of the most prestigious forums for the global exchange of knowledge and expertise in shaping the future of governments and the lives of citizens.  Held under the patronage of the government of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, the Summit draws more than 4,000 global public and private sector officials and leaders from over 150 countries and prominent international organizations.  The list of speakers this year includes Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Adena Friedman, president and CEO of NASDAQ and Jim Kim, President of the World Bank, among other dignitaries.


Aitheon  offers unique, innovative solutions that automate vital business processes and solve real world problems. The company’s revolutionary block-chain-powered digital ecosystem brings together AI, human specialists and pilots, smart devices and real and virtual robots into a highly productive symbiosis. Aitheon’s network employs remote professionals to assist proprietary AI algorithms to complete a variety of diverse business functions. The ecosystem also has community-driven voting blocks that allow users to guide development and the future of the company.

Founded by Andrew Archer, a serial entrepreneur with a focus in Artificial Intelligence, Aitheon  is a fast-growing company that employs a team of seasoned specialists in the fields of autonomous solutions, IT, robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.  Andrew Archer has been described as a creator of disruptive technologies through innovative means.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has stated that,

“with more entrepreneurs like Andrew we could see a bottom-up renaissance of American manufacturing.”

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