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Aitheon Aligns with International Companies to Revolutionize AI and Robotics through the Blockchain

Last Updated April 24, 2023 7:29 AM
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Last Updated April 24, 2023 7:29 AM

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Modern technology has insinuated a pivotal role in relinquishing some certain percentage of humans work to robotics effectively. This has since become an integral part of business operations worldwide. Blockchain startup Aitheon  will be a strategic stepping tool for the Integration of human resources and robotics.

Aitheon is a name that is currently cutting across the terrain of cryptocurrency virtual domain and into real-world industries. The platform’s unprecedented concept has propelled talks with top notch companies worldwide. The blockchain-powered business solution will implement cryptocurrency, human specialists, AI, robotics, and IoT into its platform.

Aitheon has forthwith disclosed ongoing talks with top global businesses interested in utilizing the solutions developed by the innovative startup.


Ongoing discussions with India-based Infrastructure Leasing & Financial automation Services Limited (IL&FS) is expected to yield the establishment of automated systems for various applications. This partnership is set to launch the startup into the limelight, positioning it as an industry leader.


IL&FS is one of the leading infrastructure development and finance Companies spread across the globe from Asia to the Middle East and the USA.  The collaboration will offer a joint networking service with complete automated robotic handling and storage. The agreement will constitute the financial role IL&FS will play based on an agreed consensus.


Aitheon already has co-located offices in India. The company has also entered into a business affiliation with Kaynes Technology for fabrication and construction services.

In addition, a Dubai-based company is set to work with Aitheon by offering Its unique support of sound-based payment services. The company provides solutions that will authorize sound waves payments which are completely secure and validated through a rapid contactless payments based system on the blockchain.

Aitheon is also in discussions with top executives from World Bank in Washington D.C. With respect to the use of Aitheon token as a means of a financial instrument for payment of services within and outside the cryptocurrency domain.


The blockchain based business solutions Aitheon provides has attracted a distributed network of partnership on the world stage. The Netherlands based Decibel.LIVE is a sensors and solutions platform, that will integrate with the Aitheon platform. The comapany will offer an advanced noise monitoring with the combination of real-time sensor data backed by blockchain smart contracts.

The Aitheon platform will allow the establishment of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles, including external robots sensors into its business solutions.  This has further an openly ended talks with executives at SAP, one of the elite suppliers of business software solutions. An alliance between the two business is worth going.

Aitheon is leaving no stone unturned as it links up with Microsoft Technology Center in Dubai to discuss a possible teamwork between its platform and the Microsoft’s back-office solutions.


Also, Aitheon may soon become one of the pioneers of driverless vehicles, as the platform is poised to use the resilience of human control and the autonomous solution of robotics.  San Jose, CA Next Future Transportation, Inc., is a company interested in what Aitheon has to offer for its new transportation solutions which are set to implement autonomous transportation pods. The integration of the two companies can potentially revolutionize the present transportation system.


Aitheon Platform is backed with over seven years of development and real-time testing that enables cross sections of business to integrate the work of humans and intelligent machines to automate tedious functionalities such as remote piloting, customer service, logistics etc. The Aitheon Platform is run by its utility token.

Aitheon’s Token Sale begins April 20th at 17:00 UTC, starting at a 30% discount.

To learn more or participate in the Token Sale visit the website: https://www.aitheon.com/