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A Modern Secure Wallet for Ether and an API Solution for Business and Websites

Last Updated April 24, 2023 6:24 AM
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Last Updated April 24, 2023 6:24 AM
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The simple, convenient and reliable CoinKeeper wallet keeps ETHER coins with API integration for websites.
Cryptocurrency users often ask themselves where they can safely store their coins, how to not fall into the traps of scammers, and how to not become a victim of a hacker attack on a service or exchange. During the rapid development of digital technologies, there have been numerous thefts of cryptocurrency from investors and traders on a variety of seemingly reliable platforms. Official services do not guarantee the safety of user’s coins. Where should digital assets be stored today without worrying about their security?
Enter the CoinKeeper service – a reliable helper for the owners of Ether coins. Upon review the app shows a competent approach from the developers to wallet security and ease of use. After registering, it is recommended to set two-factor authentication for entering the wallet and transferring funds. It is a pretty simple but effective solution which will protect the user from the potential hacking of hardware or hitting a phishing site. The passphrase is generated only once so the wallet owner needs to write it on paper, and after that it will be deleted. In this service, working with a wallet is set in such a way that an attacker cannot gain access to funds without the owner’s personal involvement. It is worth noting that the service does not charge additional fees for the transfer of coins, and the use of the wallet is absolutely free.
Pay attention to the modern and sleek design and the interface of the CoinKeeper website – it is intuitively understandable and extremely easy to use. Even a novice who has first decided to use the wallet for Ether will figure out the tools of the service. It is also important that the site has 24/7 online support, which answers all the customer’s questions and explains the nuances of working with the platform. This competitive advantage puts CoinKeeper’s service at the forefront of similar products, since it is often hard to wait forever for a response from a major service.

API solution for business

The main advantages of the service include the possibility of connecting the application programming interface (API) to automatically receive payments to a website, store or application. The API documentation is written in a simple and understandable language with examples. The fee for using the product is only 0.5% of the transaction. For this fee, the business receives high-quality service and operational communication with the company’s organizational department. Practice shows that in the world of blockchain technologies it is difficult to find a decent platform to accept payments as most services are highly criticized by users and do not provide decent quality. Coinkeeper has every chance to become a leader in the digital services market.

Development of the COINKEEPER service in 2018

The service management created development plans for 2018 that include the connection of new wallets with an option to integrate the API into websites. Users will have the opportunity to evaluate the merits and quality of work with such CoinKeeper wallets as Bitcoin, Dashcoin and Litecoin. For business owners and commercial sites, the automatic acceptance of payment in these currencies will be available. More information about CoinKeeper is available on the official website of the project.

Website: https://coinkeeper.io/