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UNICEF Seeks Developer for Innovation Projects including Blockchain’s Humanitarian Uses

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM

UNICEF is looking for a software developer/consultant in New York City for an 11.5-month assignment in its Office of Innovation. The developer will assist in the development of blockchain’s humanitarian uses, according to a posted notice.

The developer will help create products to solve problems in developing nations. The agency uses polymer, react now, node and firebase. The developer will be able to choose his or her own stack when developing a prototype from scratch.

The open projects the developer will support include:

  • Blockchain: Consulting and prototyping applications for humanitarian purposes.
  • MagicBox: A platform to process Big Data from various sources for humanitarian needs.
  • The Innovation Fund Site: A real-time illustration of donor investments in open source technologies for children.
  • IOGT and uReport Dashboards: Consulting and prototyping humanitarian purpose applications.

An Invigorating Environment

The developer with work with a team of researchers, designers, developers and entrepreneurs on various projects. UNICEF currently has a platform in development with volunteer engineers from Google who process data from different sources to forecast the spread of infectious diseases. The project seeks to visualize potential outbreaks.

UNICEF’s recently established Innovation Fund has called for technology startups to apply for funding with ideas and solutions with the potential to “improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.,” CCN.com reported.

The Innovation Fund was launched in 2015, bringing together models of financing and methodologies used by venture capital funds to invest in open source technologies that will benefit children in need.

The Innovation Fund offers resources to assess and scale teams, companies, and ideas in emerging markets. The fund supports the development of open source, public goods that meet the most pressing needs children face.

Focus Includes Blockchain

The developer will research new technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts, then prototype solutions for decentralized autonomous organizations, cash remittance and identity.

The developer will work with about 25 people and have access to academics and professionals involved in pioneering technology.

The position requires English fluency, while knowledge of another official U.N. language is an asset.

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Expanding The GitHub Repository

The developer will help to expand the UNICEF GitHub repository with open source applications demonstrating the data science team’s efforts while prototyping the UI/UX team.

The unit acts as a collection of early-stage startups. It identifies new technologies such as UAVs, SMS and data science that have potential to affect UNICEF’s health, education and disaster response operations. UNICEF academic institutions and country offices construct tests to decide what projects to continue.

The unit consists of designers, programmers, technologists, communications specialists and researchers. It fields requests for advice, support, and collaboration from other segments of the United Nations system and the humanitarian technology ecosystem.

Founded in 1946, UNICEF has been synonymous with its role for the cause of supporting children in need around the world.

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