Trump Touching Finland’s President Is the Most Awkward Thing You’ll Watch Today

Wes Messamore @thehuli
October 2, 2019

Donald Trump awkwardly patted Finnish president Sauli Niinistö’s leg at a joint press conference on Wednesday. You could say Finland’s president wasn’t very receptive to the gesture.

The best part? It was all caught on video.

Watch Trump awkwardly pat Finland’s president on the leg

Trump gave the leg pat to add emphasis to the declaration, “Finland is a happy country!”

In response, Niinistö starts to swat at Trump’s wayward hand. Then he puts his hand up as if to say, “Not that happy. Don’t touch me, bro.” It was a very Finnish reaction.

Unfazed by Niinistö’s frosty response, Trump adds, “He’s a happy leader.”

Donald Trump is the real-life Michael Scott

Donald Trump perfectly embodies the awkward mannerisms of Michael Scott. | Source: AP Photo / Matt Sayles

It appears that the reality TV celebrity of NBC’s hit show, The Apprentice, was watching Steve Carell’s performance on The Office and taking notes.

Trump’s giddy aloofness, lack of boundaries, clumsy rudeness, and awkward narcissism make him the real-life embodiment of Michael Scott.

If the leg pat and “He’s a happy leader” incident doesn’t convince you, then watch this gem from his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un:

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