TGBEX – Metal Bitcoins Are a New Revolutionary Idea

October 27, 2014 22:15 UTC
TGBEX Silver Bitcoin

Accomplished UK based TGBEX founder, Adrian Forbes, gained experience as Citibank’s Head of Operations for Private Equity Services, and now employs his skills creating security protocols to protect your bitcoins. Metal Bitcoins are now available in brass and silver in 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 BTC increments to help you store your precious bitcoins. The authentic bitcoins have their private and public keys engraved on the back of the coin, and a holographic sticker covers the private-key to help secure your secrets. Having the public and private keys available ensures that you can verify that your coins are backed by real bitcoin.

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TGBEX Creates Revolutionary New Bitcoin Coins

One extra item you can add to Evander’s “Top 5 Reasons why Bitcoins beat Dollars” is that you can easily verify the value of a Bitcoin coin to ensure that it actually contains the stated value. You would be hard-pressed to try to learn just how much gold backs one dollar.

So, what makes Adrian’s idea so revolutionary? Paper wallets can easily be lost or suffer water damage while plastic coins do not hold any intrinsic value. Silver coins, and even to some extent brass coins, hold intrinsic value in the metal they’re created. Coins may oxidize in water, but water will not destroy them and fire may only cause them to melt. Even if you spend your bitcoins and never replenish their value, they still will always retain an intrinsic value in the metal used to create the coins. Plastic coins created in someone’s garage will turn into a puddle of molten goo in a fire, and you can easily crack them in half with a little pressure. Plastic does not have any true intrinsic value.

To ensure you always feel safe and secure, TGBEX employs security protocols to monitor workers who perform the private and public key engraving process. Many see silver as a lascivious and beautiful metal and people are always lustful of money. TGBEX knows that and ensures that there is never a backdoor for any of their personnel to exploit.

For years, Bitcoin has been seen by outsiders as a forbidden-fruit that only shysters use to remain anonymous. However, in recent days the efforts that you have put forth have helped to change the world by showing that Bitcoin has class and considerable value for the entire world’s population. People from age 18 years-old to over 60 years-young have taken an interest in TGBEX’s inspirational new endeavor. That spells success for the rest of the Bitcoin community as we enlighten new faces with each passing day.


Do you find TGBEX’s precious metal coins to be a revolutionary innovation? Will you keep your bitcoin in cold storage using TGBEX’s coins? What have you created in the Bitcoin community to help the movement? Tell us what you think about TGBEX and how their new coins will help or hurt the Bitcoin movement.

Disclaimer: I do not own any TGBEX coins.

Photo courtesy of TGBEX; other images from Shutterstock.

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