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Teenage Crypto Millionaire Shills Dilbert Creator’s WHEN Token

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:35 PM
Ian Bezek
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:35 PM

By CCN.com: One of bitcoin’s youngest millionaires, Erik Finman, made a major declaration on Friday. Crypto adopters will get fabulously wealthy over the next decade, he claimed recently. And now, he says, those fortunes could be made with the WHEN token. He believes it will be the next huge thing in crypto.

The WHEN token, for those unfamiliar, is backed by WhenHub , a company founded by Dilbert creator Scott Adams. WhenHub has several uses at the moment, including donations to content creators, along with an ecosystem where people can learn from experts and pay with WHEN tokens rather than cash.

Erik Finman Loves Whenhub

In a Periscope video Friday, Finman declared Whenhub to be one of the most “slept on” crypto currencies ever.

  Erik Finman makes his pitch for the WHEN token. | Source: Twitter

Part of Finman’s admiration for WhenHub is due to his respect for its creator:

The most slept on token of all time is WHEN token which is used within the app WhenHub. Let me tell you why it will be very successful. It was started by someone super rich, super credible, who did all the Dilbert comics […] he’s an absolute genius.

Finman elaborated on WhenHub’s main use case at the moment:

He’s getting a lot of users, he has these apps called When Interface, WhenHub. When Interface lets you talk to experts […] you can sign up, type in any subject you want to learn, find an expert to teach you, and that’s all done with WHEN token.

Finman also praised the apps’ beautiful design and features. Finman concluded saying that the WHEN token was one of his three favorite crypto plays now:

Now when I go on CNBC and all the Wall Street publications, they’re going to ask me what are the other big tokens other than bitcoin that you think are the next big thing? And I’m going to say bitcoin, Zcash, and WHEN token.

WhenHub Aims To Profit From “VoxAdPocalypse”

YouTube is currently running a major crackdown  against controversial videos and creators. The cause is a spat between Vox writer Carlos Maza and right-wing comedian Steven Crowder. Maza demanded that YouTube stop monetization on Crowder’s videos. YouTube originally declined to do so, but then flip-flopped. At the same time, it punished a huge range of other videos covering controversial topics, such as Nazi Germany. Much of the banned content appears to be anti-extremist nature, rather than designed to promote fringe views.

  YouTube appears to be censoring a great deal of legitimate content | Source: Twitter

One Twitter user made a great analogy to explain YouTube’s latest crackdown:

  YouTube is punishing content creators retroactively as it changes the rules | Source: Twitter

The MIT Technology Review confirmed that thousands of channels devoted to history are disappearing:

  YouTube’s fight against extremist content is having side effects | Source: Twitter

In addition to YouTube, Patreon has de-platformed a ton of controversial voices  recently. This makes it hard for edgy content creators to earn profits from their work. WhenHub intends to capitalize on YouTube and Patreon’s crackdowns by offering an alternative. Users can send one-time or recurring donations to content creators using the WHEN token, thus bypassing the large tech companies entirely.

  WhenHub offers an alternative to YouTube and Patreon | Source: Twitter

Is Finman Endorsing WhenHub In Good Faith?

Some skeptics suggested that Erik might have made his endorsement for financial gain. He rejected this claim, saying he was too rich to need to resort to shady dealing:

  Eric Finman rejected claims that he was paid to sponsor WhenHub while reminding readers that he is “too rich” | Source: Twitter

Regardless of his motivation, buyers stepped up following his endorsement. The WHEN Token spiked in mid-day trading, joining the absurd Bitcoin 2 as one of the biggest gainers:

  The WHEN token posted double-digit gains on Friday | Source: Twitter

In an ironic twist, Adams himself has previously lampooned initial coin offerings in his Dilbert comic:

Source: Scott Adams | Dilbert.com

He’s also has made fun of bitcoin more broadly on occasion:

Source | Scott Adams, Dilbert.com

In any case, with the tech giants shutting down more and more controversial speech, it’s a promising time for Adams and his WhenHub project. Finman’s endorsement could help the site reach an inflection point as more and more prominent voices are kicked off sites like YouTube and Patreon.