We Finally Know Why Coinbase UK Dumped 'Anonymous Crypto' Zcash

Zcash cryptocurrency

By CCN Markets: Coinbase users in the UK continue to get bad news, with the latest impacting Zcash holders specifically. The rumor mill began to churn this week when the cryptocurrency exchange unexpectedly dumped ZEC. Now there’s finally confirmation for at least one of the reasons that were bandied about. UK-based banking giant Barclays severed its relationship with the cryptocurrency exchange...

Why Zcash Suddenly Became the Crypto Market's Black Sheep

zcash price chart, cryptocurrency

By CCN Markets: The privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcash has fallen by nearly 15 percent this week as Bitcoin’s dominance approaches 70 percent. According to CoinMarketCap, Zcash was trading at slightly over $66 seven days ago but is now just under $56, a decline of approximately 15 percent that forced its market cap below $400 million. Among the leading 30 altcoins by market cap, Zcash’s decline...

Privacy Crypto Zcash to Undergo Complete Rebuild Because It Was A Failure: Analyst


Decrypt’s Tim Copeland attended a developer conference hosted by the Electric Coin Company in Croatia. He reports that the company is considering the most significant possible changes to its product, Zcash. #2 Privacy Coin Considering Massive Development Pivot If you’re studying crypto, you may have heard of Zcash. It’s a “privacy coin” which allows users to guard their transaction details from...

5 Crypto Assets With Major Pump-Worthy Catalysts in Q3

crypto, litecoin, zcash, nem

By CCN: The second half of the 2019 blockchain calendar is filled with prominent development landmarks for several crypto market heavyweights Either because of bullish cryptocurrency investor speculation or timely manipulation, these events often coincide with robust price pumps for the coins involved. A review of projects with imminent Q2 landmarks on the horizon can be found here. In the...

'GlobalCoin': Not Everyone Thinks Facebook's Crypto Project is a S***coin

Facebook, Facebook Coin, Global Coin

By CCN: Zcash developer Zooko Wilcox, who has previously opined that cryptocurrencies can be used to evade taxes, posted an “unpopular opinion” to Twitter today: Facebook’s crypto project is “awesome.” Facebook Coin: "Awesome"? Unpopular opinion: I think the fact that Facebook is working on a crypocurrency is awesome. — zooko (@zooko) May 24, 2019 Facebook’s cryptocurrency project is a long...

$275 Million ZCash's Fix of Deadly 'Infinite Counterfeit' Vulnerability Earns Praise from Edward Snowden

Zcash, cryptocurrency

According to a disclosure made Tuesday by the development team behind ZCash, the most highly capitalized privacy-focused cryptocurrency (with a market cap in excess of $270M at the time of publication), has secretly fixed a critical security flaw in ZCash's design, which was discovered by ZCash cryptographer, Ariel Gabizon, about a year ago. Last March while preparing a presentation for a...

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