Can T-Mobile Hype Man John Legere Rescue WeWork?

john legere

WeWork needs a new CEO to replace disgraced co-founder Adam Neumann. They are reportedly turning to T-Mobile CEO John Legere. This isn’t as crazy as it may sound. WeWork’s Adam Neumann is out of the picture. But it appears WeWork’s offbeat corporate culture will remain. That’s because, according to reports, WeWork is looking to hire … Read more

SoftBank’s Son Admits Terrible Judgment in $4.6 Billion Money Pit WeWork

SoftBank reported a quarterly loss amounting to billions of dollars for the first time in more than a decade. WeWork is not the only problematic investment SoftBank made recently. The investment group has prioritized fast growth over profits. SoftBank’s longtime strategy of inundating startups with cash hoping for a big payoff has been a spectacular … Read more

WeWork Founder Wanted to be a Trillionaire. His Hubris Somehow Got Him $1 Billion

Adam Neumann, WeWork

WeWork founder Adam Neumann has suffered a historic fall from grace in the past several months. The man who sought to be the world’s first trillionaire now finds himself expelled from the company he built. However, the hubris that led to his exodus also secured him a massive payoff. A good number of founder-CEOs who … Read more

WeWork is Too Broke to Pay Employees, but its Founder Will Make $200 Million Anyway

Adam Neumann, WeWork

The WeWork train wreck keeps on going as the company prepares to cut thousands of jobs. The only problem? There’s not enough money left to pay employee severance packages. WeWork literally can’t afford to let people go. Meanwhile, founder Adam Neumann is set to walk away with a $200 million payday under a rescue package … Read more

After Uber, Investors Dodged a Bullet in the WeWork IPO

adam neumann

It’s official. Adam Neumann is no longer at the helm of the workspace startup he founded, WeWork, amid a stalled IPO that has shattered the dreams of both the company and its backers for a huge payday. We couldn’t ignore the similarities between WeWork and another tech unicorn that managed to pull off its debut … Read more

Adam Neumann Ouster Would Be Best Thing for WeWork

Adam Neumann

It has been a tumultuous month for WeWork. The company has seen its hopes for a successful Nasdaq listing disappear. On Sunday, Bloomberg reported that the company’s board was considering removing Adam Neumann as the chief executive. In the latest episode, Neumann has reportedly started discussing his future role of the company. According to Reuters, … Read more