Government Shutdown Continues Over Trump’s Border Wall – Who Will Dominate Cross-Border Payments?

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author alone. While some conservatives are focused on fomenting national security with barriers, cryptocurrencies have at their heart a mission to cut across national boundaries. Money talks, and cryptocurrency enables anyone to talk to each other, instantly and with lower fees and fewer middle men. The … Read more

29% of Freelancers Wish to be Paid in Crypto: Are Legacy Systems Inefficient?

crypto freelance work

According to a survey conducted by, a job recruitment platform, 29 percent of freelancers would rather get paid in crypto over legacy systems and banks. The survey, which covered 1,100 U.S.-based freelancers, disclosed that 18 percent of the respondents would like to receive all of their payments in crypto while 11 percent would prefer … Read more