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Dow Risks Snapping Three-Day Win Streak as Bond Yields Dive

dow jones industrial average

By CCN Markets: The Dow and broader U.S. stock market all turned lower on Tuesday, as heightened geopolitical tumult drove investors out of equities and into the perceived safety of government bonds. Dow Slides; S&P 500, Nasdaq Follow All of Wall Street’s major indexes declined Tuesday, mirroring a tepid pre-market for Dow futures. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 173.35 points, or 0.7%...

Economists: You Don't Need to Worry About a Recession - Yet

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By CCN Markets: Investment management firm First Trust put out an important note on Monday regarding a potential recession. Entitled "This Is Not 2008," the note from First Trust’s chief and senior economists make important points about the inverted yield curve we’ve been hearing a lot about. History Doesn't Always Repeat Itself First Trust points out that, while inverted yield curves have...

Dow Smashes Through 26,000 as US Treasury Bond Yields Spike

dow jones industrial average

By CCN Markets: Rising bond yields propelled the Dow Jones toward a spectacular advance on Monday, as the US stock market continued to claw itself out of the cavernous hole it dug for itself earlier in the month. However, one so-called perma-bear claims that the market is still flashing a dangerous warning sign. Dow Races Toward Fabulous Rally All of Wall Street’s major indices secured mammoth...

Dow Swings Wildly as Wall Street Recoils from 800-Point Bloodbath

dow jones industrial average

By CCN Markets: A volatile Dow Jones swung wildly on Thursday, as the US-China trade war once again took center stage in the wake of the bond market’s first main yield curve inversion in more than a decade. Dow Zips Higher Despite Ugly Futures Session Wall Street’s major indices recovered from steep losses in the futures market to post bullish advances. The Dow Jones Industrial Average took the...

Dow Crashes 660 Points as Bond Yield Inversion Ignites Wall Street Panic

dow jones industrial average

By CCN Markets: The Dow whipsawed back into decline on Wednesday, completely reversing Tuesday’s massive recovery. What triggered the plunge? The bond market just flashed a warning signal that has preceded every recession for the past five decades. Dow Plummets; S&P 500 and Nasdaq Struggle All of Wall Street’s major indices suffered steep declines at the opening bell. The Dow Jones Industrial...

Dow Fights Off 3rd Straight Loss as Bonds Trigger Recession Alarms

dow jones industrial average

The Dow Jones scrambled to avoid a third straight loss as bond yields triggered a dangerous recession alarm, forcing investors to reckon with the argument that the stock market’s bull run is over - and has been since 2017. Dow Seeks to Vanquish Losing Streak Wall Street’s three major indices braced for declines during a dreary futures session, only to spike when the opening bell rang. The Dow...

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