Bernie Sanders and His $15 Wage Plan Won’t Help the Poor. Just Ask South Korea.

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U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is running for president in 2020, and as expected, he is focusing his campaign on his signature $15 minimum wage initiative. However, contrary to what Bernie Bros think, a forced increase in basic wage could lead to a drastic decline in jobs growth, cripple small businesses, and trigger an overall slowdown … Read more

Here’s How the Gov’t of Seoul is Using a Public Blockchain in the Real-World

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The government of Seoul is using ICON, the largest blockchain project in South Korea by valuation, to process information, issue documents, and conduct a wide range of administrative tasks. On February 8, the Seoul Metropolitan Government moved forward with its plans to develop a blockchain ecosystem with the people of Seoul by creating the Seoul … Read more

A Central Bank Digital Currency May Lead to All Kinds of Monetary Chaos, says Korea’s Central Bank

A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is not good for a country’s financial stability, said the Bank of Korea in its latest report. Dubbed as ‘Central Bank Digital Currency and Financial Stability,’ the study found that the introduction of CBDC deposits would radically decrease the supply of private credit by commercial banks. As a result, … Read more

Ban Hammer Remains: South Korea’s Financial Services Commission Refuses to Lift ICO Ban

The ban on initial coin offerings in South Korea will stay, the country’s financial regulator has said in a statement. The decision by the South Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC) follows a survey which the regulator commissioned. Among the findings of the survey include the fact that some ICO projects misrepresented themselves. For instance, some … Read more