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Saudi Arabia Won't Bow to Trump's 'Crude' Jabs Until After Aramco IPO

khalid al-falih donald trump aramco ipo oil price

Donald Trump has been doing his best to wage war on the rising oil price, but the president is struggling with the fact that strong US growth is a natural boost to crude. However, there is another thorn in his side - Saudi Arabia-led OPEC, who have been keen to limit supply. Given that state-owned Aramco is gradually opening to global investors, it seems unlikely that Mohammed Bin Salman and...

Bezos Sext Scandal: Did Saudi Arabia Use Israeli Spyware to Hack Amazon CEO?

jeff bezos amazon national enquirer david pecker

Saudi Arabia hacked Amazon chief Jeff Bezos’s private sexts, according to a recent bombshell report in the Daily Beast. Shock Claim: Saudia Arabia Hacked Amazon Founder to Expose Sexts In an article penned by Gavin De Becker, a private security consultant hired by Bezos to probe the leak of his intimate messages, the investigator concludes that the Saudi regime unlawfully gained access to the...

Trump Triggers Diplomacy for Secretive 'Nuclear Alliance' with Saudi Arabia

A document first witnessed by Reuters claims that U.S. companies have been given the go-ahead to sell nuclear power assistance and technology to Saudi Arabia. The U.S. has been in direct competition with countries like South Korea and Russia regarding a deal to sell and share information to and with the Saudi government. It seems like President Trump and his administration have taken one step...

Howdy Arabia! U.S. to Overtake Saudi Arabia as World's Biggest Oil Exporter by 2025

Saudi Arabia, nuclear power

For much of the past 75 years or thereabouts, the status of Saudi Arabia as the world’s undisputed energy hegemon has been taken for granted, with the kingdom exporting roughly 7 million barrels of oil per day, making it by far the world’s largest oil producer and one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. With this wealth has come huge foreign heft, availing the autocracy of an extremely...

These 'Biometric Blockchain ATMs' Scan Your Face to Fight Dark Web Card Fraud

Saudi Arabia atm biometric

Cutting-edge blockchain ATM prototypes are being rolled out in Saudi Arabia with a unique take on granting users access to funds. The ATMs use biometric scanners to scan the face of each account holder as part of a five-factor authentication process secured by a blockchain app being used by the largest ATM provider in the Middle East.

Saudia Arabia Tried to Pants Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. He Pantsed them First.

jeff bezos amazon national enquirer david pecker

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that what the National Enquirer did to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is far more embarrassing than violating the 7th Commandment -- or having a penis in the first place. Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Exposes [David] Pecker Bezos says the National Enquirer threatened to publish his "d*ck pick" if he didn't issue a public statement vouchsafing the National...

UAE, Saudi Arabia Launch Cryptocurrency Pilot for Cross-Border Payments

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Cryptocurrency

By CCN.com: UAE and Saudi Arabia — two countries that have the world's second-largest combined sovereign wealth funds — have launched their pilot cryptocurrency. According to UAE's official news agency, Emirates News Agency, the Saudi-Emirati cryptocurrency is one of the seven initiatives that will be implemented in both countries. Saudi-Emirati Cryptocurrency Restricted to Banks Only Formed in...

National Bank of Kuwait Taps Ripple for Blockchain Remittance Service

national bank of kuwait ripple

The National Bank of Kuwait has launched a product they’re calling “NBK Direct Remit,” a blockchain-based product which uses RippleNet for cross-border payments from within the Middle Eastern nation. The initial launch of the product only supports payments to nearby Jordan, but they intend to launch in at least 15 more countries soon. According to the bank’s website, this product will help...

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