At Least 100 XRP Wallets Alarmingly Exposed at Ripple Service Provider

xrp and wallet

By CCN: Gatehub Founder and CEO Enej Pungercar wrote a public letter disclosing that the company’s infrastructure had been compromised and at least 100 wallets were likely affected. The letter explains that an exploit was located in the company’s API, which enabled certain wallets to be affected. Users were urged to get their money off of Gatehub and into other XRP wallets while the issue was...

Ripple & XRP: An Uncertain Future in Banking Hangs in the Balance

Ripple, XRP

By CCN: People are feeling notably bullish about Ripple, or XRP, depending on what you’re talking about. The token price is earning bullish calls on Twitter. .50 cent and beyond incoming $xrp — Sir Gordon Gekko (@gordongekko369) June 2, 2019 Fifty cents would go a long way to making longtime XRP investors whole and earning handsome returns on long-held investments. It would also limit...

3 Major Cryptocurrencies Gearing Up for Shocking Rallies

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  By CCN: With bitcoin creeping within inches of $9,000 on Bitfinex a few days ago, it seems that all eyes are on the king of cryptocurrencies. While the digital coin looks bullish, we believe that it has topped off for now. Thus, it will serve you better to look elsewhere, specifically at ethereum, ripple (XRP), and cardano. These three cryptocurrencies are showing unbelievable strength...

3rd-Biggest Thai Bank Teases Tantalizing News for Ripple (XRP) Bulls

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By CCN: Siam Commercial Bank, Thailand’s third-largest financial institution, quietly teased some tantalizing news that should kick the Ripple (XRP) rumor mill into high gear. SCB Thailand Taps Ripple for Blockchain Payments Already, SCB Thailand launched a blockchain platform that uses the Ripple company's xCurrent system to facilitate cheaper cross-border money transfers. Now, the Thai...

Ripple: Why Corporations, Banks Love It While Crypto Community Hates It

ripple, XRP

By CCN: Ripple is arguably the most divisive cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, the company surpassed a 200-customer milestone as financial institutions such as Transpaygo, WorldCom Finance, and Euro Exim Bank signed up for RippleNet. If Ripple was like any other cryptocurrency, enthusiasts would have celebrated this accomplishment. Except for the XRP Army, the company is not getting any love...

Ripple Potentially Sped Up its XRP Distribution Timeline by 21 Years: Crypto Researchers

ripple cryptocurrency xrp

By CCN: CoinMetrics, a firm that analyzes blockchain data for crypto investors, published a bombshell report this week which tells the story of how Ripple Labs has allegedly misrepresented its escrow system. Ripple has effectively misrepresented the amount of XRP transferred back to escrow at least twice. More importantly, the bank-friendly cryptocurrency’s escrow process diverges significantly...

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