R3 Lead Mike Hearn: Corda is More Like Bitcoin Than Ethereum

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By CCN.com: “Corda is more like Bitcoin,” says Mike Hearn, lead engineer for Corda, the open source blockchain of the industry consortium R3. “It owes more of its intellectual history to bitcoin than Ethereum in a way. Its’ data model is similar to Bitcoin, which enables you to have privacy because you don’t see transactions … Read more

Why the R3-SWIFT Partnership is Cranking the Gears of the Ripple (XRP) Rumor Mill

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SWIFT, the 11,000-member global payments network, has announced a partnership with enterprise blockchain consortium R3, and the news is already being felt in the cryptocurrency market where the rusty gears of the ripple (XRP) rumor mill have begun to turn at a rapid pace. SWIFT Goes Blockchain with R3 Trial According to the announcement, SWIFT … Read more

Ripple, R3 Reach Settlement in Multibillion Dollar Cryptocurrency Lawsuit

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Blockchain companies Ripple and R3 have reached an undisclosed settlement on “all outstanding litigation,” putting an end to a legal spat involving a tranche of cryptocurrency tokens once worth as much as $19 billion. In a brief statement published on Monday, the San Francisco-based Ripple announced the settlement, stating that the terms would remain confidential. … Read more

Court Dismisses $1 Billion R3 Lawsuit Against Ripple

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A Delaware judge has dismissed the $1 billion lawsuit fintech firm R3 levied against Ripple, stating that the case does not fall under the court’s jurisdiction. However, the legal saga is far from over. As CCN.com has reported, the two fintech firms have sued one another over a contract dispute related to the once-promising partnership … Read more

Japanese Banking Giants Complete R3 Blockchain Trial for Derivatives

R3 Blockchain Corda Derivatives

A number of major Japanese financial institutions have announced the successful completion of testing a blockchain prototype developed using Corda, a blockchain software platform developed by New York-based R3. The prototype trial was used to streamline an exhaustive email exchange process during a typical negotiation seen during an over-the-counter (OTC) derivative transaction. Four financial institutions participated … Read more

Singapore’s Central Bank is Developing a Blockchain Inter-Banking Payments Platform with R3

MAS Singapore Blockchain central Bank Monetary Authority of Singapore

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the country’s central bank, has announced the development of a blockchain proof-of-concept pilot project that will facilitate inter-bank payments, globally. Announced today, Singapore’s primary monetary authority revealed the project, developed in partnership with New York-based blockchain startup R3. The project aims to develop a payment system that will enable … Read more

R3’s Tim Swanson: A Public Blockchain Has Settlement Risks


Are public blockchains really a viable option for guaranteeing settlement finality for financial instruments? Tim Swanson, director of market research at R3, claims public blockchains by design cannot definitively guarantee settlement finality. For this reason, he says they are not presently a reliable option for clearing and settling financial instruments. Swanson aired his views on … Read more

R3 Consortium’s Blockchain Initiative: What Makes ‘Corda’ Different?

The R3 consortium of financial institutions working on a blockchain-based solution to improve the financial services infrastructure has released an update on its initiative, which it calls “Corda.” Since the R3 consortium has continuously drawn more members among major institutions since it began six months ago, it has naturally attracted attention from the fintech and financial communities. The … Read more