Maduro Scoops 8 Tons of Venezuelan Central Bank Gold for Illegal $340 Million Cash Swap

Maduro, Venezuela Gold

Eight tons of gold has been taken out of the vaults of Venezuela’s central bank as tightening sanctions push President Nicolas Maduro to take extraordinary measures to remain solvent. Per opposition legislator Angel Alvarado and anonymous government sources, the gold was removed from the central bank vaults last week. Alvarado told Reuters that the gold … Read more

Turns out Venezuela’s Oil-Backed Petro Cryptocurrency is Real after All

petro cryptocurrency venezuela

In December 2017, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that the South American nation’s government was going to launch an oil-backed cryptocurrency called the Petro. Since then, the cryptocurrency’ actual existence has been questionable, but recently got our hands on some tokens. Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency Exists Ever since Maduro’s announcement, the Petro has been a controversial … Read more