'Netflix of Cryptocurrency Mining' to Hold IPO on London Stock Exchange

bitcoin mining

A cryptocurrency mining startup is reportedly making a foray into becoming the first industry firm to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Argo Blockchain, a mining-as-a-service provider, just announced it intends to sell shares of its common stock to raise £20 million from an initial public offering (IPO), according to the London Stock Exchange. The company is expected to be valued at £40...

Netflix 'Explained' Falsely Claims Bitcoin is Mostly Spent on Illegal Services

Netflix, Disney,

Jameson Lopp, a former lead engineer at BitGo and a prominent Bitcoin developer, has criticized Netflix, the $159 billion entertainment giant, for one of its “Explained” series focused on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. Wrong Arguments In collaboration with Vox, a US-based media company that runs a popular YouTube channel that delves into difficult subjects and produces informative videos...

Netflix CFO: 'Sure Would Be Nice to Have Bitcoin' Payments

Bitcoin - a decentralized, truly global currency. Netflix – a streaming platform that just went global. Do both stand to gain by coming together? One of the biggest stories of the 2016, so far, is Netflix’s global expansion that saw the streaming service reach a 130 new countries. The new rollout now sees Netflix beaming to a total of 190 countries, worldwide. It’s a significant move. Millennial...

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