Dow Cracks 27,500 While Stock Strategists Sound ‘Blue Wave’ Alarm

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The Dow Jones traded as high as 27,517.58 on Monday, crossing a new milestone and setting a fresh all-time high. Trade war dialogue continues to be positive, helping to boost stock markets on the back of a robust earnings season. Morgan Stanley warns of the dangers of a “Blue Wave” of Democratic victories in 2020 […]

Dow Surges to New Zenith, But Market’s New Normal Is Anything But Exciting

dow jones industrial average, stock market outlook

The Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq all spiked to new all-time highs on Monday. Renewed trade war optimism helped push the Dow over the line. However, Morgan Stanley warns that the stock market’s party is almost over. The Dow surged into uncharted territory on Monday after a November trade deal reemerged as a legitimate possibility. […]

Dow Futures Rise but One Morgan Stanley Analyst Is Praying for Recession

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Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures edged higher on Thursday, hinting at a cautiously optimistic stock market open. But not everyone is feeling the warm, fuzzy glow. Mike Wilson at Goldman Sachs said he’s “rooting for a recession” to bring some sensibility back to the market. Speaking to CNBC, Wilson said yesterday: “I’m rooting for […]

Sell The Dow On ‘Positive’ Trade War News: Morgan Stanley Chief

Dow, Dow Futures, Dow Jones

Almost the entire news cycle for stock markets is devoted to how the trade war has been extremely detrimental for the US economy and that a trade deal could lead to a big rally. To the contrary, one high profile equity strategist is not convinced that the Dow is a buy, or even that Trump’s […]

Relax, Wall Street Banks Agree Recession FUD Overblown

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Recession worries seem to be at an all-time high. A barrage of media reports from major financial news outlets like CNBC, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal have filled recent months with fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). Many of these speculative reports emphasize the slowdown in the manufacturing sector. Others chart a path to recession […]

Earnings Preview: Bank Stocks Will Steal the Show

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Next week kicks off earnings season for the financial sector as bank stocks start to report. The banking industry is seen as a bright spot this earnings season, with analysts predicting that it will be one of four sectors to eek out earnings growth. An S&P Global Market Intelligence poll showed that analysts are expecting […]

Dow Crashes After China ‘Weaponizes’ Yuan, ‘Abandons’ Trade Deal

dow jones crash

The Dow Jones suffered another nauseating crash on Monday after China retaliated against President Trump’s tariff threats by escalating the trade war – and perhaps abandoning the negotiations altogether. Dow Careens 430 Points Lower All of Wall Street’s major indices shot lower at the opening bell. The Dow Jones Industrial Average crashed 431.76 points or […]

Dow Surges Even Higher But Morgan Stanley Calls for 10% Crash

dow jones industrial average rises but morgan stanley predicts 10% stock market crash

The Dow eagerly sped toward a fourth consecutive gain on Friday, just one day after the stock market bellwether zoomed past its previous record to close above 27,000 for the first time ever. But as Wall Street continues to bid up valuations more than a decade into this bull run, one Morgan Stanley executive warns […]

Morgan Stanley Cries Wolf on ‘June Gloom’ Economy Outlook


By  Morgan Stanley economist Ellen Zentner told clients today that June may be a rough month in the economy, going so far as to suggest “June Gloom” is looming. This comes on top of a similar warning two weeks ago from the very same Wall Street firm. The latest research note reportedly states: “The decline […]

The Stock Market Flashed a Catastrophic Warning, But No One’s Listening

Dow Jones crash, Germany recession

By The U.S. stock market is sounding a catastrophic recession warning. The evidence is flashing in bright colors, and the alarms are absolutely deafening. But no one on Wall Street is listening. Twice this year, the 3-month (short-term) Treasury yield was greater than the 10-year (long-term) Treasury yield, in what’s known as an inverted […]

Morgan Stanley Rings Recession Alarm, Ignores Booming Economy

Morgan Stanley

By An analyst at vaunted investment bank Morgan Stanley made himself look like the village idiot Monday, saying America’s economic outlook is crumbling toward recession even as the economy booms. The U.S. Economy Is on ‘Recession Watch’ Chief U.S. Equity Strategist Michael Wilson spit out several data points while warning in a report that […]

Tesla Stock Plummets to Just $10, Says Morgan Stanley in ‘Worst Case Scenario’

Tesla, Tesla Stock

By Tesla stock is all set to drop below $200, but Morgan Stanley believes that shares of the electric vehicle company could be worth just $10 in the worst case scenario. Yes, that’s what Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas believes in light of the many problems Tesla has been facing of late. Morgan Stanley’s […]

Morgan Stanley Analyst Cries Wolf, Predicts Prolonged Dow Earnings Hell

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Morgan Stanley analysts must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. They have issued a doom-and-gloom report about corporate earnings, choosing to focus on the glass half empty while other forecasters manage to see it half full. The Wall Street firm is predicting an “earnings recession,” which translates into at least two […]

Morgan Stanley to Spend $900 Million in Biggest Acquisition Since 2008 Crisis; Will the Trump Admin Approve?

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is shelling out $0.9 billion to acquire stock-plan firm Solium Capital. The acquisition of the firm that mainly specializes in offering Software-as-a-Service for managing employee share plans, ‘financial reporting and compliance’ is expected to bolster Morgan Stanley’s wealth management business. This is the biggest acquisition that the bank has made in the last […]

Apple’s iPhone Woes are Over, But are AAPL Shares Really out of the Woods?

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A top equities analyst, drawing on his knowledge of the company’s suppliers, predicts “limited downside risks” for Apple’s share price. He follows Morgan Stanley’s sentiment last week that the worst could now be over for the tech giant’s stock. Ming-Chi Kuo Says Q2 iPhone Results Will Beat Expectations Ming-Chi Kuo is an analyst with TF […]

Exclusive: Markets Will Take Time to Digest 2018 ‘Crypto Meltdown’, Says Former Morgan Stanley MD

bitcoin price crash crypto

By Patrick Springer spent 20 years working for Morgan Stanley as an investment specialist. Specifically, his job was to help institutional investors make informed decisions in global equity markets. Now, despite the bitcoin market meltdown, he’s flung himself headlong into crypto becoming an advisor for Polybird Exchange. Why? Because “it’s important for people to challenge […]

How Tesla’s 7% Stock Drop Shows Dow Jones Isn’t in the Clear

The stock price of Tesla has dropped by 7.14 percent in pre-market following the release of CEO Elon Musk’s letter. The struggle of the car marker demonstrates the lack of fundamentals in the U.S. stock market which may lead to the decline of the Dow Jones. Over the past week, several analysts including Morgan Stanley […]

Morgan Stanley Shares Plunge on Earnings Woes, Bank Blames Bonds

morgan stanley

Morgan Stanley’s fixed-income division posted its worst quarterly results in three years, sending the stock plummeting. According to Bloomberg, the Wall Street firm recorded a drop of 30% in bond-trading revenue from $808 million a year ago to $564 million. This was well below the $823 million that analysts had been expecting. Morgan Stanley blamed […]

Morgan Stanley: Stock Market Vulnerable, Sentiment ‘Extremely Bearish’

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Earlier this week, Morgan Stanley strategist Mike Wilson said on CNBC Fast Money that the stock market is still vulnerable to a short-term drop. Although the stock market has shown extreme levels of bearish sentiment and an intense sell-off throughout December 2018 that may be a signal for the establishment of a bottom, Wilson said that […]

Wall Street Bank Morgan Stanley Likens Bitcoin to Dotcom Bust

Morgan Stanley Bitcoin Futures

Morgan Stanley compared an accelerated timeline for bitcoin’s performance to the dotcom era. Sheena Shah, a Morgan Stanley market strategist, in a research report cited in CNBC, painted a potentially grim picture for the future of bitcoin, finding similarities in the price performance and volume levels with the tech-laden Nasdaq at the turn of the […]

Morgan Stanley: Blockchain’s Still In ‘Proof Of Concept’

Despite all the investment in blockchain technology, Morgan Stanley claims the technology remains in a “proof of concept” stage, according to Barrons. The financial services firm believes its use in regular financial settlements could be years away. Institutions like BNY Mellon and UBS have an early advantage by testing the technology. As for the surge […]