eToro Senior Analyst Mati Greenspan’s 3 Favorite Crypto Picks

eToro senior markets analyst Mati Greenspan isn’t one to mince words. When responding to a query on entry-level crypto investing, the portfolio manager didn’t hesitate to point out the top three cryptocurrency choices that are currently piquing his interest: Hi Paul. My top three favorite cryptos right now are BTC, LTC, & BNB. This is … Read more

Not Fake News: TD Ameritrade CEO Confirms REAL Demand for Bitcoin

Mati Greenspan, a prominent crypto analyst, sparked a bit of a kerfuffle this morning when he “jumped the gun” by announcing TD Ameritrade’s entrance into the retail Bitcoin market. The error caused Twitter to erupt, particularly after news outlets started reporting the year-old story. looks like you‘re not the only one 😂 — BTC … Read more

Bitcoin Price Could Crash Below $3,000 in Brutal Worst-Case Scenario, Warns Trader

The bitcoin price is at risk of a swift and painful reversal after its parabolic move to $13,868. That’s according to veteran trader Peter Brandt. Brandt says the worst-case scenario is an 80 percent retracement from the 2019 high, implying a fall below $3,000. This bearish scenario would come into play if bitcoin breaks the … Read more

What Disney’s Frozen Tells Us About This Mammoth Bitcoin Price Rally

As the Great Bitcoin Price Rally of 2019 grows even more parabolic, investors and analysts alike are left scrambling for answers. What’s triggering the mammoth recovery? Will this rally end like the 2017 bubble did? Most importantly, where’s the bitcoin price headed next? According to eToro Senior Market Analyst Mati Greenspan, the answer might lie … Read more

Parabolic Bitcoin Price Smashes $13,000: The Money Behind Bitcoin’s ‘Explosive’ Run

The bitcoin price roared to a new 2019 high in the early hours of Wednesday, briefly touching $13,000 on the Huobi exchange. Bitcoin is now at levels not seen since January 2018 with a market capitalization of $224.7 billion. But where is the money coming from? Data from CoinLib reveals that BTC’s latest rally is … Read more

Bitcoin Price Races to a New Yearly High Placing $10,000 Within Eye-Shot

By The bitcoin price surged to $9,500, marking a fresh 2019 high. As the stock market sets a new record, BTC is joining in the party.   Fundamentals Driving Bitcoin According to eToro Senior Analyst Mati Greenspan in a tweet, fundamentals are driving the bitcoin price higher. He cited institutional adoption, more monetary easing … Read more

Dow, Bitcoin Bleed Lower as Weak Economic Data Saps Trade Deal Optimism

The US stock market endured steady losses on Thursday, leaving the Dow’s eight-week winning streak on the ropes. The bitcoin price, meanwhile, continued to mount an unsuccessful push toward $4,000 that has left most crypto assets in the red. Dow Fails to Break Through 26,000 Dow futures traded up throughout much of the pre-market session, … Read more

These Bitcoin Analysts Explain Why the Crypto Market isn’t Out of the Woods

Listen, noob. A $200 price retracing is far from the end of a bear market for Bitcoin. Comparing historical charts, there are times in recent memory where we’d call that “stability.” In a recent newsletter by eToro’s Mati Greenspan, the veteran analyst points out that China was on holiday recently. Coming back to the crypto … Read more

Dow Futures, Bitcoin Price Dive as Bears Butcher Markets

The weekly US stock market trading session hasn’t even officially opened yet, but the bears are already holding the bulls’ feet to the fire in both the traditional and cryptocurrency markets, with Dow futures flashing a triple-digit decline and the bitcoin price slipping below support at $3,500. Dow Takes Steep Losses as US-China Trade War, … Read more