Warren Wealth Tax Would Cost Mark Cuban 500 Shark Tank Deals

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban would pay over $100 million in the first year under Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax. The Shark Tank star has suggested an ulterior motive behind Warren’s radical ideas. Billionaire Tom Steyer has criticized Cuban over his attacks on Warren. The list of billionaires attacking Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax plan is growing. … Read more

This Dallas Mavs International Tandem Could be NBA’s New Gold Standard

mark cuban

The NBA’s next champion will almost certainly be decided by one of its many superstar tandems. The most active off-season in league history culminated in not just the most wide-open title picture in nearly a decade but the formation of several new duos poised to propel their teams to contention for the Larry O’Brien Trophy. … Read more

Here’s What Mark Cuban Would Have Made If He Picked Apple Instead of Amazon

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of NBA team Dallas Mavericks, has revealed that his biggest stock investment is in online retail giant Amazon. Speaking to the Fox Business Network, the Shark Tank star disclosed that the Amazon stake is worth nearly a billion dollars. Meanwhile, his stake in the other major FAANG stock, Apple, is … Read more

Billionaire Mark Cuban: ‘There Is No Streaming War’

mark cuban

What streaming content wars? Billionaire sports mogul Mark Cuban says you’re getting it all wrong. Considering that content streamers such as Netflix, NBC, AT&T, HBO, Disney, and Apple have reportedly poured $2 billion into content in an attempt to win over subscribers, that might seem like a shocking conclusion. According to Cuban, however, there is … Read more

Mark Cuban’s Botched Miami Trade: Miscommunication or Revenge?

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban recently told the Miami Herald that his botched trade with the Miami Heat was a “miscommunication.” While there is no hard evidence to the contrary, the simplified story from the Dallas Mavericks owner leaves room for questions.  The trade materialized during the Miami Heat’s attempt to acquire Philadelphia 76ers star Jimmy Butler in … Read more

Billionaire Mark Cuban Preps US for a Future Dominated by AI

mark cuban

Artificial Intelligence will not be stopped, and the smartest guys in the room know it. Billionaire Mark Cuban, of Shark Tank and Dallas Mavericks fame, is starting to focus his resources on this transformational technology. Cuban teamed up with Microsoft and Walmart to create a program that will give coming generations a head start on … Read more

Mark Cuban Pours a Cool $1M into AI Startup Protecting Syrian Civilians

mark cuban

Billionaire Mark Cuban is often the guy on “Shark Tank” who graciously declines to make an investment into one of the hopeful entrepreneurs pitching to him and a panel of investors. He’s also backed some smash hits whose revenues have soared. While his latest investment may not be on “Shark Tank,” Cuban has found a … Read more

Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary Slam ‘No Growth, Zero Value’ Uber

Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Uber

By CCN.com: If the founders of Uber were to appear before the panel of Shark Tank reality TV show, they would certainly not get a dime from billionaire Mark Cuban or multimillionaire Kevin O’leary. In separate interviews, the two reality TV stars indicated that investing in Uber’s stock now that it has gone public was … Read more