Pirate Bay-Targeting Malware Hijacks Websites to Steal Cryptocurrency

Downloading movies from The Pirate Bay could potentially expose users to cryptocurrency theft and phishing on an unprecedented scale. Security researcher 0xffff0800¬†was the first to raise the alarm on January 11 when he detailed his experience of downloading ‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’ from TPB only to be confronted with a .LNK shortcut containing … Read more

Bitcoin Wallet Malware Scam Targets Electrum Users And Garners Over 200BTC

An attack on the Electrum bitcoin wallet has so far netted hackers over 200 bitcoin worth around $750,000. The attack began on December 21, 2018. Though it has victimized some unsuspecting users, it can be avoided. Electrum is a Bitcoin wallet that doesn’t require the user to download the full blockchain. Instead, servers remotely provide … Read more

Bitcoin Vigil: Detecting Malware Through Bitcoin

Bitcoin-stealing malware has drained the wallets of many unlucky victims over the years. The more valuable and understood Bitcoin becomes, the more such attacks can be expected. Common sense security practices, like not opening random links or attachments in unsolicited emails, certainly help to lower the risk of malware infection. But unless your bitcoins funds … Read more