Pirate Bay-Targeting Malware Hijacks Websites to Steal Cryptocurrency

Downloading movies from The Pirate Bay could potentially expose users to cryptocurrency theft and phishing on an unprecedented scale. Security researcher 0xffff0800 was the first to raise the alarm on January 11 when he detailed his experience of downloading ‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’ from TPB only to be confronted with a .LNK shortcut containing … Read more

Bitcoin Wallet Malware Scam Targets Electrum Users And Garners Over 200BTC

An attack on the Electrum bitcoin wallet has so far netted hackers over 200 bitcoin worth around $750,000. The attack began on December 21, 2018. Though it has victimized some unsuspecting users, it can be avoided. Electrum is a Bitcoin wallet that doesn’t require the user to download the full blockchain. Instead, servers remotely provide … Read more

North Korea to Host Another Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference

In a bid to showcase some of its technological advancement and show its support for the blockchain technology, North Korea has announced plans to hold a blockchain and cryptocurrency conference. This comes on the heels of a similar conference held in August. The country announced that plans are already in the works for them to … Read more

Vigilante Botnet Infects Computers to Remove Cryptocurrency Malware

Botnets have become increasingly powerful over the last few years, to the point where the US Department of Homeland Security admitted that they couldn’t face the problem alone and needed help from the white hat community. Botnets consist of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of internet-connected devices which are then used to carry out to … Read more

Bitcoin Thieves are Monitoring 2.3 Million Addresses Using a Clipboard Malware: Report

Bleeping Computer, a technical support site, has warned cryptocurrency users to double check addresses to which they send cryptocoins before effecting transactions as a way of safeguarding against a growing type of malware that is re-directing transactions. This comes after the site said over the weekend that malware runners are monitoring more than 2 million … Read more

Cryptojacking Campaign Uses Five-Year-Old Vulnerability to Rake in Monero

A nearly five-year-old vulnerability is reportedly being used to infect Linux servers with a crypto mining malware that’s allowing hackers to use them to mine privacy-centric cryptocurrency Monero (XMR), according to US-based cybersecurity firm Trend Micro. Per the firm’s report, hackers are taking advantage of a vulnerability found in the Network Weathermap plugin for Cacti. … Read more

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware on Pace to Infect 2 Million Computers in 2017

Cryptocurrency mining malware is on pace to infect more than 2 million computers in 2017, according to a new analysis of telemetry data from Kaspersky Labs. The report, which was published by technical support site Bleeping Computer, says that more than 1.65 million computers became infected with cryptocurrency mining malware during the first nine months … Read more

Malware Snatches 13BTC ($36,000) From Bitcoin User

It can never be said too often, but the prevalence of malware on the Internet, especially malware targeting Bitcoin and other financial software, makes it extra important today: you can never be too careful when sending Bitcoin transactions. A Reddit user today lost 13BTC, or around $36,000, when he pasted an address from his clipboard … Read more

Nearly $53k in Bitcoin Ransoms Paid with WannaCry Ransomware

An audacious global cyberattack that saw large institutions and companies in 150 countries affected has received nearly $53,000 in ransom demands being paid, since the attack took place, last Friday. The malicious malware, known as WannaCry or WannaCrypt, targeted around 75,000 computers with countries such as the U.K., the U.S., Russia, Spain, France, Japan and Taiwan infected after … Read more

Banks Keep Digital Currency over Ransomware Concern

The rise of ransomware attacks is giving banks a cause for concern as they now have to buy and keep cryptocurrency in the event it is needed to pay criminals when their files are held to ransom. In an interview with Business Insider, Malwarebytes CEO, Marcin Kleczynski, said the situation has become so aggressive to the … Read more