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Bitcoin-Bashing Shark Tank Star Kevin O'Leary Has a Secret Crypto Past

Kevin O'Leary Shark Tank

Earlier this year, Kevin O’Leary said that Bitcoin is “useless," just the latest in a series of attacks launched at the suddenly-resurgent cryptocurrency. At one point, the “Shark Tank”  investor said that Bitcoin has no real value because governments won’t let him pay taxes with it. Now, people on social media have surfaced a six-year-old video of O’Leary defending Bitcoin on Canadian news...

Mr. Wonderful Shames Bitcoin Bull 'Pomp' for 50 Percent Net Worth in BTC

kevin o'leary, anthony pompliano

Businessman and reality TV star Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O’Leary has slammed bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano for concentrating too much of his wealth in one asset. This occurred after the co-founder and partner at cryptocurrency investment firm Morgan Creek Digital revealed that 50 percent of his net worth is in bitcoin. Speaking on CNBC, the "Shark Tank" star chided Pompliano for the putting half of...

Kevin O'Leary & Jeremy Allaire Clash Over 'Rogue Currency' Bitcoin

kevin 'oleary, jeremy allaire

If you though the Nouriel Roubini/Arthur Hayes debate was heated, you haven't seen anything yet. Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary and Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire faced off on bitcoin during a CNBC segment, and fortunately, it wasn't an in-studio discussion or things could have turned ugly. O'Leary, who has earned the nickname Mr. Wonderful, came out swinging, arguing that cryptocurrencies are "non...

Bitcoin Analyst Destroys 'Mr. Wonderful' After Shark Tank Star Bashes Crypto

Anthony Pompliano Kevin O'Leary Shark Tank Bitcoin

By CCN: When it comes to ignorant allegations about bitcoin, Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary took the cake this week, managing to hit every wrong button in trying to bash the suddenly-resurgent cryptocurrency. Kevin O'Leary: Bitcoin a 'Scam' & 'Total BS' O’Leary, also known as "Mr. Wonderful," tried to debate bitcoin enthusiast Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano on CNBC's SquawkBox Tuesday. The co-founder...

Shark Tank's Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary Slam 'No Growth, Zero Value' Uber

Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Uber

By CCN: If the founders of Uber were to appear before the panel of Shark Tank reality TV show, they would certainly not get a dime from billionaire Mark Cuban or multimillionaire Kevin O'leary. In separate interviews, the two reality TV stars indicated that investing in Uber’s stock now that it has gone public was not something they would consider doing. Canadian businessman Kevin ‘Mr. Wonderful’...

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