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Bitcoin Expert Jeff Garzik Exposes Crypto's 'Economic Paradox'

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By CCN: Early Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik revealed what he believes is the most daunting challenge the flagship cryptocurrency faces today. He also chimed in on the "economic paradox" that threatens to stifle Bitcoin development. Bitcoin's Biggest Hurdle? Scaling. Scaling. Scaling. Speaking in an exclusive interview with CCN, Jeff Garzik, who was one of Satoshi Nakamoto's earliest collaborators...

Early Bitcoin Developer Jeff Garzik Subpoenaed in $1 Billion Craig Wright Lawsuit

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Jeff Garzik, one of the earliest contributors to the Bitcoin codebase who also previously worked for BitPay, has been served. Garzik - in the spirit of "radical transparency" - shared the subpoena on Twitter, not appearing particularly shocked and noting that the "Bitcoin lawsuit drags on." Maybe he saw it coming, as the summons is comprised of more than two-dozen requests surrounding everything...

Who Created Bitcoin? Early Developer Jeff Garzik Gives His Best Guess

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Jeff Garzik, historically one of the major early contributors to the Bitcoin codebase and later a lead developer at BitPay, doesn't know who created the flagship cryptocurrency. However, he has an educated guess. Speaking in an interview with Bloomberg, he spoke to his suspicions of the actual creator of Bitcoin. He has one of the less popular theories -- the major contenders for the title of...

Bad Timing: ‘Thousand-Year Cryptocurrency’ Metronome Blames Bear Market After Pedestrian ICO

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Bad timing and a less than spectacular user experience -- that’s what cryptocurrency startup Bloq says is to blame for the pedestrian $12 million raised through the metronome (MTN) initial supply auction (ISA), referred to by nearly everyone but the company as an initial coin offering (ICO). Bloq made this assessment in a lengthy post-mortem published earlier this week, nearly two months after...

Early Bitcoin Developer Jeff Garzik Launches New Altcoin ‘Metronome’


Jeff Garzik, one of the earliest Bitcoin developers, has formally launched an altcoin, dubbed Metronome, which backers allege will be the first cryptocurrency to offer “institutional class” endurance. Metronome had first been announced by Bloq, Garzik’s blockchain development firm, back in Oct. 2017, when the cryptocurrency market was in the early stages of a parabolic fourth-quarter rally. The...

SegWit2x Minority Fork Thrown Into Question as BTC1 Nodes Stall

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The chances of a SegWit2x minority fork materializing appear slim, as the fork-compatible software appears to be beset by bugs on the day of the fork's scheduled activation. While SegWit2x had been “called off” by its leading advocates last week, a small percentage of miners continued to signal for the fork, leaving the door open that the fork could proceed anyway. The probability was minor ...

SegWit2x Opponents Sound Off on Metronome


On Tuesday, Bloq -- a crypto firm co-founded by SegWit2x developer Jeff Garzik -- announced that it is developing Metronome, a cross-blockchain cryptocurrency that will be distributed through a December initial coin offering (ICO). Garzik says that, among other things, Metronome addresses “existential threats, from forks” and “developer drama” because its smart contracts ecosystem will allow...

‘Metronome’: SegWit2x Developer Jeff Garzik is Also Building an Altcoin


Blockchain firm Bloq has announced the creation of Metronome, a cross-blockchain cryptocurrency that will be issued through an initial coin offering (ICO). As reported by Bloomberg, Bloq intends to unveil Metronome today at the Las Vegas Money 20/20 conference. The project is being developed by Bloq chief executive Jeff Garzik, a former Bitcoin Core developer who is also the lead developer for...

Jeff Garzik Hopes New Digital Currency Metronome Solves Bitcoin's 'Shortcomings'


Jeff Garzik, a controversial figure regarding the bitcoin scaling debate, has revealed that his company has created Metronome, a digital currency aimed at solving the shortcomings of bitcoin. Garzik is a former core developer of Bitcoin. Bloq CEO Garzik is publicizing Metronome, a new digital currency. It will be the first to enable users to switch between different blockchains with the same...

Bitcoin.org Threatens to Publicly Denounce SegWit2x-Supporters


Bitcoin.org has threatened to publicly denounce companies that support SegWit2x and have not committed to treating the competing blockchains as separate cryptocurrencies in the event of a chain split. On Thursday, Bitcoin.org published a blog post revealing that it will publicly denounce supporters of the controversial SegWit2x hard fork on October 11. The website, which was originally founded by...

Vinny Lingham Says Core Dev Threatened Him For NYA Support


Civic CEO and Gyft co-founder Vinny Lingham claims a Bitcoin Core developer threatened him for supporting the controversial New York Agreement (NYA) earlier this year. Lingham made the accusation on Twitter following a tweetstorm between prominent Core and SegWit2x supporters. Barry Silbert Accused of Using Threats to Promote NYA The tweetstorm began when Bitcoin Core contributor Matt Corallo...

SegWit2x Dev Jeff Garzik Proposes Opt-In Replay Protection for Bitcoin; Critics Call It "Useless"

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As this article is being written, Segregated Witness (SegWit) has just activated on the bitcoin network and celebratory events are being held throughout the world. This scaling solution came at a great cost--the bitcoin cash hard fork--but developers believe it will bring increased optimization, security, and scalability to the bitcoin network. However, the great bitcoin scaling debate is far...

Successful $33 Million CIVIC ICO Token Sale Concludes Early

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In a moment of confusion and to the dismay of some, CIVIC ended it’s crowdsale yesterday around 5PM. Due to congestion in the Ethereum Network and the shutdown at Coinbase, we have ended sales for the day. Thanks to everyone involved! pic.twitter.com/aSu9Vz8oVa — Vinny Lingham (@VinnyLingham) June 21, 2017 They later announced on their website that they had reached their goal of $33 million...

Bitcoin Hard Fork Isn't Inevitable, Say Jeff Garzik and Charlie Lee


Will bitcoin really split in two? Can it be stopped? The questions, which have been on the minds of many as the block size debate reaches a fever pitch, was explored by a pair of longtime developers, Jeff Garzik and Charlie Lee. Both men take a long view of the contentious debate and shared their insights with Laura Shin, a contributor to Forbes magazine, in her recent “Unchained” podcast...

Jeff Garzik's Bloq Launches BloqLabs to Expand Support for Blockchain, Bitcoin Projects


Bloq, a provider of blockchain solutions, has launched BloqLabs to expand its support of open source blockchain and bitcoin projects, the company announced on its website. “In the 1900s, Bell Labs became known as the ‘The Idea Factory’ for global telecommunications,” said Jeff Garzik, CEO and co-founder of Bloq. “BloqLabs can set the tone for the blockchain era and ensure enterprises are tapping...

Bitcoin Core Dev Jeff Garzik: Softforks Are a Rule by a Tiny Elite


Jeff Garzik, a core bitcoin developer who previously worked as Principal Software Engineer at RedHat before leaving to work full time on bitcoin development, stated in a public video that softforks are a rule by a “tiny, few technocratic elite.” The talk addressed the downsides of segwit “since only the upsides are promoted heavily,” by firstly arguing that repeated soft forks are repeated...

Bitcoin Entrepreneur Jeff Garzik Sees Major Role for Blockchain in Real Estate

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Jeff Garzik, bitcoin entrepreneur and founder of Bloq, a code-for-hire service, gave an overview of blockchain’s application to real estate at the International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA) Conference in Newport Beach, Calif. A video of the conference is available on Youtube. He explained blockchain technology's benefits to the real estate business: automated payments, fraud...

Jeff Garzik Defends Hard Fork Solution for Bitcoin Block Size Issue

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Jeff Garzik, a bitcoin code veteran who recently launched the Bloq code-for-hire service to develop blockchain features, continues to defend a hard fork solution to the bitcoin scaling challenge. Garzik has engaged with individuals who disagree with him on Twitter in the last few days. Everyone agrees the block size needs to expand if the bitcoin network is going to process a larger volume of...

Exclusive: Jeff Garzik's Stealthy Ploy to Get Bitcoin onto Private Blockchains


Longtime Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik acknowledges Bitcoins' branding problem. “The bitcoin name, in terms of marketing, is something that larger institutions are somewhat reluctant to deal with, related to the history with Mt Gox and Silk Road, most notably.” Garzik bemoans how this reputation follows the word Bitcoin. Luckily, it doesn’t follow the technology. And, that's how he plans on...

Bitcoin Core Dev Jeff Garzik Sounds Off On Block Size Challenges, Offers His Insight

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Jeff Garzik, a bitcoin code veteran, offered some insight into his purpose for launching Bloq a code-for-hire service to develop features for blockchain software and provide access to blockchain support. In a podcast interview on Bitcoin Uncensored co-hosted by Chris DeRose, a self-described bitcoin evangelist, Garzik offered his views on the current block size debate and bitcoin's future. During...

Jeff Garzik Launches Bloq, Offering Code-For-Hire Blockchain Service

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Bitcoin entreprenuer Jeff Garzik has started Bloq, a code-for-hire service to develop features for blockchain software and provide access to blockchain support, according to Bloomberg. The company charges $3,000 to $5,000 per month. PriceWaterhouseCoopers has agreed to sell the service to its customers. "That opens up a lot of doors for us early in the company's lifetime," Garzik said. "Companies...

Bitcoin Development Mailing List Now Moderated


Since its inception in 2011, the Bitcoin development mailing list has been unmoderated. Anyone could join it and start posting to it. For most of its existence, the list was a mostly technical forum, devoted strictly to Bitcoin and the cryptography underpinning it, including bug discussions and proposals from the public. More recently, the list has become a hotbed of heated debate between...

Dunvegan Space System’s Garzik: Public Block Chains Will Drive Future Fintech Along With Space Exploration


Jeff Garzik, bitcoin core developer and CEO of Dunvegan Space Systems (DSS), argues in favor of public versus private block chains and sees a big future for bitcoin thanks to the benefit of being able to transfer value across space in addition to other benefits. As bitcoin evolves, he says computer code will iron out existing mismatches between supply and demand, according to the International...

DevCore Boston Launches Bitcoin Foundation's Developer Roundtables


Next month, DevCore Boston launches a series of roundtables sponsored by Bitcoin Foundation for developers interested in deepening their technical expertise to support the future development of Bitcoin Core. The roundtable will be on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015 and will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at District Hall, 75 Northern Ave. in Boston, Mass. Circle Internet Financial, led by Jeremy Allaire...

Bitcoin Core Developer Jeff Garzik Believes NXT is a "Scamcoin"


While many people believe there is a divide in the Bitcoin community when it comes to the early-adopting libertarians and the new breed of venture capitalists, it seems that the real battle in the world of cryptocurrency is between Bitcoin and appcoins. Around the same time that Chris Odom, the creator of Open Transactions, was dismissing the relevance of altcoins at InsideBitcoins London...

Bitcoin Developer Jeff Garzik Wants to Put Full Bitcoin Nodes in Space


Read the original story on Coindesk Bitcoin Core Developer Jeff Garzik has plans in motion to launch several small cube satellites [cubesat] into space.  These satellites would serve as a full node for the Bitcoin network, presumably as an "honest source" of the Bitcoin blockchain.  All that is needed to stop a Sybill attack is one honest node, and this node in space would be that node.  This...