Edward Snowden to Reveal How Social Media Spies on Users

edward snowden

Whistleblower Edward Snowden is back, and he is about to share more of his deepest and darkest secrets in a new tell-all memoir. Snowden, a former CIA employee, has written a new book aptly entitled "Permanent Record." The former contractor with the National Security Agency (NSA) will apparently disclose how he managed to gather and leak top-secret documents that he swiped from the NSA in the...

Fake Libra Peddlers LOL-Swarm Facebook for Discount Crypto Scam

Libra, Facebook, Facebook Libra

Numerous fake accounts, groups, and pages operated by fraudsters have swamped Facebook and Instagram to mispresent themselves as the official hubs for the social media giant's upcoming Libra crypto, the Washington Post reported today. Fake Libra accounts with hundreds of followers Despite Libra's expected launch in 2020, a part of the scammers are already selling Facebook's crypto for a reduced...

RoboCop Is Watching: Instagram to Use AI to Censor Mean Comments


Instagram will soon trial a new AI-powered system for dealing with online bullying and abuse. Currently, the Facebook-owned social media platform uses a conventional human-dependent system for dealing with this issue that relies on users flagging and reporting comments as spam, abuse, or hate speech. On Monday, however, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri reportedly revealed that the company has started...

Instagram Data Breach Reports Prove You Should Skip Facebook's Crypto

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook privacy

By CCN: Another day, another Facebook data leak affecting millions of dubious users. This time around, security researcher Anurag Sen discovered a public Amazon Web Services (AWS) database containing the contact information of more than 49 million Instagram accounts, TechCrunch reports. For those out of the loop, Facebook is the monopolistic owner of Instagram and most other things social media...

Facebook Will Rake in $10 Billion a Year from Instagram Checkout: Analyst

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A major European investment bank says the Instagram Checkout feature which debuted last week will make Facebook $10 billion richer every year by 2021. The social media app's new shopping cart is rolling out in beta with 23 top brands (like Nike, Adidas, Dior, and Prada). Now we know how people are going to spend all those "FaceCoins." Facebook Sinks its Teeth into E-Commerce with Instagram...

Pinterest’s Big IPO Bet is E-Commerce: Can It Beat Instagram and Amazon?

Pintrest, Instagram

Pinterest, one of the most widely utilized photos sharing platforms for content creators, artists, and casual users, has filed its S-1 form to conduct an initial public offering (IPO). In its post-IPO era, Pinterest is reportedly planning to expand into the e-commerce market, competing against the likes of Instagram, Amazon, and Walmart. Depending on the success of its initiative to create an e...