Donald Trump Was Right to Ban Huawei After All, Study Suggests

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A new study has uncovered information showing that U.S. President Donald Trump may have made the right decision in imposing a ban on Chinese telecoms giant Huawei for reasons of national security. The study, carried out by Professor Christian Balding of Fulbright University Vietnam and the Henry Jackson Society, a London-based think tank, revealed deep … Read more

Huawei Faces Possible Final Nail in Coffin as Chip Designer Bails: Report


By Google was only the beginning of Chinese multinational tech giant Huawei’s woes. The odds are increasingly stacked against the popular smartphone maker now that it is losing business with one of its biggest partners: British chip designer Arm Holdings. According to a BBC report, the chip company distributed an internal memo saying that … Read more

Dow Booms After Trump Admin Flip-Flops on Ruthless Huawei Blacklist

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By The Dow raced toward recovery on Tuesday after the Trump administration caved to pressure to moderate its hardline stance on Chinese tech giant Huawei. However, as trade tensions grow increasingly fraught, investors should question the long-term health of the stock market. Dow Soars to 185 Point Rebound All of Wall Street’s major indices … Read more

Google Dumps Huawei from Android After Trump-Led U.S Blacklist

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By Huawei has been unceremoniously axed by Google after the U.S government blacklisted the Chinese tech giant earlier this week. Now, Huawei mobile phones are no longer allowed to integrate official Android updates, and will be barred from hosting Google Play mobile apps, such as YouTube and Gmail. Google Drops Huawei: No More Android … Read more