Gold Price Just Crashed Again: 2 Reasons Why

Gold’s price tumbled on Friday, erasing gains for the week after better than expected jobs data pushed stocks higher.

Gold Traders Target Yearly-Highs as Trump Tariffs Risk Stock Market Selloff

Gold price avoided a steep drop. In the short-term, warnings of a further stock market sell-off by strategists position it for a relief rally.

Gold Price Spikes to Monthly Highs: 2 Reasons Why

Gold’s price rose sharply on Tuesday, as investors dumped risk assets in favor of precious metals and U.S. government bonds.

Saxobank Exec Warns that Gold Could Plunge Another 13%: How it Could Happen

The gold price has been on a decline despite reports of negative economic data. According to Ole Hansen, it could drop even further by 13%.

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The Biggest Reason to Buy Gold Is Disappearing

The price of gold declined on Wednesday after the Fed’s preferred measure of inflation continued to undershoot its target.

Bitcoin Is Up More YTD Than Gold Is in Last Decade: Pomp

Anthony Pompliano schooled gold bug Peter Schiff by pointing out that bitcoin has gained more this year than gold has in the last 10.

3 Reasons Gold Price Lost Shine to Fall 4% in Glum November Plunge

Global gold prices have seen a sizable fall this month, accelerated by a declining appetite in India and China – two of the world’s biggest gold markets.

Gold Price Dangerously Close to 3-Month Lows as Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq Touch All-Time Highs

The gold price declined on Monday and was dangerously close to sliding back towards three-month lows against the dollar.

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