Latest FIFA 20 Data Breach Shows EA Doesn’t Care About Your Privacy

Electronic Arts, FIFA 20

FIFA 20’s troubles aren’t set to subside any time soon. A data breach on the FIFA 20 Global Series registration page meant that the confidential information of an unknown number of players was free for others to see for multiple hours. Player Data Breach Yesterday, EA opened up registrations for its latest eSports venture, FIFA … Read more

If You Thought FIFA 20 Was Terrible, the Switch Edition Fares Worse

FIFA 20, FIFA 20 Switch

This year’s iteration of EA’s soccer cash cow, FIFA 20, released last week and almost instantly garnered angered backlash from players on most facets of the game, with a particular focus on Career Mode. #FixCareerMode trended on Twitter as players pointed towards EA’s neglect of the mode which has long been a fan favorite in … Read more

Proof You’ll Regret Wasting Money on That FIFA 20 Loot Box

fifa 20 loot box

At some point shortly after FIFA 20’s Sept. 24 launch date, your resolve will break down, and you’ll spend your hard-earned money on a card pack. Unfortunately, a new survey proves that you’ll probably regret that loot box purchase almost immediately. The study, sponsored by Canadian casino review site, reveals that a staggering 50% … Read more

What Might UK’s Loot Box Ban Mean for Fortnite and FIFA?

FIFA 20, FIFA, Fortnite, loot box

The UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s (DCMS) parliamentary committee has said that video game loot boxes are gambling. The commission also suggested that the notorious industry practice should be banned for games that are available to children. In its report, the DCMS wrote that “UK Government advises PEGI to apply the existing … Read more

FIFA 20 Will Reward Your Mind-Numbing 250-Hour Grind With a Golden Goat


As we march ever forward to Sept. 24 when this year’s iteration of EA’s perennial beautiful game sim, FIFA 20, releases, a steady stream of new details are hitting the internet every day. Among them is the news that one of the most coveted cosmetic rewards in the game is, well, a goat. FIFA’s Golden … Read more