Europol Nabs Crypto Thieves Behind International $27 Million Heist

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The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol) executed six arrests in connection with an investigation into an international $27 million heist that scammed victims into depositing funds at a fake crypto exchange. In a joint effort between Europol, UK’s South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit, and Dutch police, the five men and one woman were arrested in their homes across the...

Europol Looks to Strengthen Crypto and Blockchain Knowledge

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By CCN Markets: According to a recent press release, more than 300 private and public sector law enforcement officials and crypto experts gathered to help Europol understand the changing tides in money. Cryptocurrency has presented unique opportunities to criminals, particularly in the online sector, whether you believe in its use cases or not. As a result, law enforcement has had to catch up...

Europol Ends Cryptocurrency Mixer Behind $200 Million Bitcoin Laundering Scheme


By CCN: The Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) has taken down a cryptocurrency-mixing service, BestMixer.io, in a crackdown involving Europol and Luxembourg authorities. The anti-fraud agency said Wednesday that they had begun an investigation against BestMixer last summer. It alleged that the service used to facilitate monetary transactions with unlawful intent. The...

Bitcoin Hasn't Funded any Terror Attacks in Europe, Europol Report Reveals

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Bitcoin and similar digital assets were not used to fund any of the recent terror attacks in Europe, finds a Europol report that paints a clear picture of the contribution of cryptocurrencies to online crime. The 72-page long study [PDF], titled Intenet Organized Threat Assessment 2018, thoroughly touches upon the various modules of online crime, ranging from ransomware attacks to child...

Europol Busts Cryptocurrency Drug Money Laundering Ring

Europol Cryptocurrency Money Laundering

A joint operation between global law enforcement agencies and Europol has put an end to a criminal ring that used cryptocurrencies including bitcoin to launder drug money through a Finnish crypto exchange. The operation, dubbed Tulipan Blanca, saw authorities from Finland, Spain, the United States and Europol arrest 11 individuals related to an organized crime ring that saw drug money laundered...

INTERPOL Hosts Digital Currencies & Money Laundering Conference in Qatar


Law enforcement agencies from multiple countries, government agencies, and representatives of the private industry have convened this week for the first ‘Global Conference on Money Laundering and Digital Currencies; in Doha, Qatar. The focus of the conference is to discuss the threat of exploiting digital currencies for money laundering and terrorism financing. The three-day event began took...

Europol, Interpol Unite to Combat Bitcoin Money Laundering


In an effort to tackle money laundering through virtual currencies like bitcoin, two prominent law enforcement agencies – Europol and Interpol have announced the establishment of a working group. An announcement from late last week has confirmed the establishment of a new working group looking into money laundering with digital currencies. The group is established through a tripartite partnership...

Six Bitcoin Mines Related to Criminal Ring Seized by Spanish Police


Spanish police have seized six bitcoin mines that were allegedly in use by a criminal network involved in the illegal distribution of pay-TV channels in Spain. A joint investigation by the Spanish National Police and Tax Authorities with the support of Europol and local German police saw the crackdown of a criminal network making proceeds from the illegal distribution of pay-TV channels in Spain...

Bank of England, Europol Seek Interns with Blockchain Experience


Both Bank of England and Europol are seeking interns with knowledge of Bitcoin and the blockchain. The announcements, which indicate an increasing awareness of the technologies among European government institutions, follow last month's ruling by the European Court of Justice that Bitcoin transactions are exempt from VAT. Bank of England will select their interns through an open competition in...

Europol Threatens to Come After People Using Bitcoin on Dark Net Marketplaces Like Silk Road 3.0


Dark net marketplaces are facing increased action from governments around the world, as anticipated In a release today, the United Kingdom National Crime Agency revealed their part in the ongoing Operation Onymous that has brought several country's best online crime agencies together to bring down over 400 dark net websites, not all of them marketplaces. The UK NCA worked with the European...