Dow Pops While Trump Trade War Hits Unsettling Milestone

The Dow kicked off December with a recovery, but stock market bulls must wrestle with an unsettling trade war milestone.

Deutsche Bank Reveals the Real Reason Stock Market Is at All-Time Highs (& Why It Can’t Continue)

The US stock market is at all-time highs, but what’s driving this ten-year bull market? It’s stock buybacks, according to Deutsche Bank.

Dow Futures Rocket but Warren Buffett’s $128 Billion Skips Overpriced Market

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures point to new stock market highs, so why is Warren Buffett reluctant to invest?

Dow Swoons Because Trump’s Looming Tariffs Threaten to Ruin Christmas

The Dow Jones fell on Friday as rising tensions between Trump and China raised the risk of December tariffs ruining Christmas for the Dow.

Dow Retreats as Consumers Begin $1 Trillion Christmas Shopping Spree

The Dow Jones retreated during November’s final trading day, even as consumers began a record $1 trillion Christmas shopping spree.

Dow Futures Slide Rings a Black Friday for the Stock Market

Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average are swimming in the red…

Dow Futures Plunge from Record Highs on Thanksgiving as Hong Kong Protesters Celebrate President Trump

Dow futures fell from record highs on Thursday, as fresh U.S.-China trade tensions weighed on investors’ appetite.

Dow Futures Plunge as North Korea Missiles Join Trump’s Problems

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures slide despite stock market close on Thanksgiving. A North Korean missile adds to Trump’s trouble.

Dow Sweats as Expected Chinese Blowback Emerges to Threaten Rally

Beijing has blasted Donald Trump’s Hong Kong Act as a “blatant hegemonic move” after repeatedly warning of consequences for passing the now-signed bill.

Dow Survives Boeing Frailty as Wall Street Nemesis Warren Loses Ground

The Dow Jones survived a difficult day for Boeing, while the decline of Wall Street nemesis Elizabeth Warren brightened the market’s outlook.

Dow Catnaps While Economic Data Dump Bludgeons Recession Fears

The Dow wavered on Wednesday, and a deluge of economic data failed to shake the stock market from its pre-Thanksgiving catnap.

Dow Futures Target Record Highs, Raising Fears of Stock Market FOMO

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures climbed cautiously higher, pointing to a…

Consumer Confidence Burnout Could Scorch the Dow in 2020

US Consumer Confidence declines for a fourth consecutive month in a 7.5% swing since July in a bad sign for Dow stock prices in 2020.

Black Friday Could Crush Retail but It’s Unlikely to Derail the Dow Jones

Black Friday’s timing is unfortunate for retailers who depend on holiday shopping, but it shouldn’t be enough to prevent a Santa Claus rally. 

Dow Steady After Disney (DIS) Stock Negates Consumer Confidence Miss

The Dow Jones struggled as consumer confidence fell for the 4th time in a row, but was saved by a big move in Disney (DIS) stock.

Dow Paralyzed as Markets Reject Vacuous US-China Trade Deal Hype

The Dow Jones was paralyzed on Tuesday because investors appeared to reject more vacuous US-China trade deal hype.

Dow Futures on Edge but JP Morgan Predicts 2020 Bonanza for Stocks

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures point to a nervy stock market open on Tuesday but the long-term picture is rosy, says JP Morgan

Corporate Earnings Recession Could Plunge the Dow in 2020

U.S. stocks look poised to extend record highs this week. Former Merrill…

Dow Roars as Apple (AAPL) Stock Rejoices in China’s Gift to Trump

The Dow Jones soared with Apple (AAPL) stock as China offered an olive branch to Trump amid a landslide win for democracy in Hong Kong.

6 Stocks to Buy In Case the Bear Takes Over the Dow

A bear market looks inevitable over the next year, but investors shouldn’t…

Dow’s 11-Month Rally Is About to Welcome Back Forgotten Investors

As the Dow Jones surged in 2019, one class of investors went AWOL. Now, JP Morgan says they’re about to fuel the stock market’s next leg up.

Dow Futures Jump as China Bows to Trump’s Critical Trade Demand

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures point to a strong stock market open Monday as China backs down on intelectual property rules.

Dow Ignores Pricing in US-China ‘Phase 2’ Trade Deal Fallout

Despite reports about the fall out of a phase two deal with China, pre-markets data show the Dow Jones monentum is on the rise.

Dow Futures Rise as US & China Trade Verbal Attacks

Dow futures rose on Sunday evening, even as the US and China traded more verbal attacks over the trade war and Hong Kong.

What Warren Buffett’s Latest Deal Tells Us About the Stock Market

Here’s what Warren Buffett’s latest investment tells us about the propriety of investing in the stock market while it sits at record highs.