Coinbase Plans US Debit Card Launch, Is ‘Considering’ Margin Trading

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

By Coinbase CEO Brain Armstrong conducted a live YouTube AMA today from the company’s New York offices. Presumably, he’s in town for blockchain week, which brought him away from the San Francisco headquarters. Armstrong answered several questions in the session, beginning with one regarding “community trust ratings” for altcoins. Armstrong said that crypto is … Read more

Opinion: Bill Gates and Elon Musk Should Be Forced to Pay More in Taxes

elon musk tesla

Wealth equality has always been one of the major global macroeconomic objectives with various initiatives being recommended and employed by governments and multinational organizations to lessen the gap between the rich and the poor. However, no one seems to be asking the primary question: should the rich be taxed more? According to a recent report by … Read more