'Bacon Intern' Wanted at CA Burger Chain & It Pays $125 an Hour

farmer boys bacon internship

Bacon lovers, listen up! The California burger chain Farmer Boys wants to hire a "Bacon Intern" to taste-test its pork-tacular new menu offerings. And the best part is, you'll be paid $1,000 to go hog-wild enjoying as much bacon as you want for one day. That's $125 per hour for a standard eight-hour workday. Farmer Boys, which is based in Riverdale, California, has 92 locations across California...

Google's Waymo Readies Self-Driving in California, in Blow to Tesla

waymo, tesla

Earlier this week, Waymo received approval to carry passengers in its self-driving cars in California, according to a report in Business Insider. This is a huge milestone for the self-driving company, which aims to completely robotize the ride-hailing system and make self-driving cars the norm. It is also a flashing warning for Tesla, as this often overlooked company which is backed by the...

Elon Musk Spreads FOMO with California Tax-Infused Tesla Sales Pitch

Tesla charging station

By CCN Markets: Elon Musk is bringing the FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out. The Tesla CEO tweeted out a reminder that federal tax credits for buying a Tesla will drop by half on July 1. He pointed out in another tweet that EV buyers in California will still have the Golden State's $2,500 tax credit. US tax credit of $3750 drops in half for Tesla on July 1. Order online in a few mins at . Return in 7...

Fake California Cop Racket Targets Victims in Bitcoin Phone Scam

Bitcoin, crypto, Berkeley

By CCN.com: A notice on the official website for the City of Berkeley police department warns residents of phone scams involving Bitcoin. Calling them “cyber-enabled fraud crime,” the post talks about a woman who scammers attempted to victimize via telephone – even calling her from the number 911. The scammer claimed she was under investigation for drug trafficking and should give all the money...

California Jails Student for 10 Years for $7.5 Million SIM-Swap Bitcoin Hack

By CCN.com: A 21-year-old Boston man has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for stealing $7.5 million in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by hacking his victims' cell phones through a practice called "SIM swapping." This is the first-ever arrest and conviction in the United States for a SIM swap scam. That's when the perpetrator clones his victims’ SIM cards in order to hack into their...

Kim Kardashian: Trump's Next Justice Department Pick?

kim kardashian donald trump california

Remember the “good old days” when becoming a lawyer required an education, hard work, and a history free of “sexcapades?” The legal world’s latest candidate, Kim Kardashian, might make people wonder if this has somehow changed. Despite never finishing college, the reality television star and wife of polarizing entertainer Kanye West announced that she'd been engaged in an apprenticeship program...

California Trashes $300 Million With its Garbage Recycling System


A consumer watchdog in the Golden State has revealed that recycling conscious Californians being ripped off by an outdated collection system.
A new report has outlined how environmentally friendly Californians are being short-changed by a flawed system and lack of basic recycling infrastructure. The result is that consumers are losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Donald Trump, California Governor Feud over $3.5 Billion Bullet Train Project - Is the President Right?

California’s bullet train project is the latest thorn that's nagging U.S. President Donald Trump. In a tweet, Trump claimed that California had canceled the bullet train project after wasting ‘billions of dollars’. He then demanded that the Golden State refund the $3.5 billion that the federal government had allocated to the project. The federal funds for the 220 mph train project were awarded...

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