XRP Is 10 Times Safer Than Fiat for Intl Payments – Ripple

According to Ripple, XRP is 1/10th as volatile as fiat for cross-border payments. The current SWIFT system is so slow it exacerbates international payment risk. XRP payments clear so fast that the exchange rate risk is negligible. The math busters over at Ripple have crunched the numbers and conducted a study that concludes that XRP … Read more

‘Arrogant’ Facebook Sabotaged Itself With Libra Approach, Claims Ripple Chief

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has stated that the high level of scrutiny that Facebook has invited from regulators and policymakers with regards to the Libra cryptocurrency efforts is of the social media giant’s own making. Speaking on Bloomberg TV, Garlinghouse suggested that Facebook may have gone too far by stating in its white paper that … Read more

Ripple CEO Tells Congress to Avoid XRP From Facebook Libra Smear

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, and its executive chairman, Chris Larsen, posted an open letter to congress on Sunday asking authorities not to paint their company with a “broad brush”. The executive duo paid careful attention to emphasize that while bad actors exist in the cryptocurrency space, many are, in fact, doing their bit to stay … Read more

Ripple CEO Defends XRP Following Washington, DC’s Crypto Response

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has taken the opportunity to plug XRP as a solution to the concerns raised by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Speaking on Twitter, Garlinghouse said that he hopes regulators recognize that not all cryptocurrencies are cut from the same cloth in terms of their potential to facilitate crime and money laundering. Just … Read more

Ripple CEO Not Threatened by Facebook’s Libra. Should He Be?

By CCN.com: Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said it would be a “record week” for Ripple at a conference this week. The cause? Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project, which has dominated headlines since its inception and reportedly isn’t ready for general use. P2P Doesn’t Scare Me Garlinghouse is reportedly confident that his target market – banks and … Read more

Ripple & XRP: An Uncertain Future in Banking Hangs in the Balance

By CCN.com: People are feeling notably bullish about Ripple, or XRP, depending on what you’re talking about. The token price is earning bullish calls on Twitter. .50 cent and beyond incoming $xrp — Sir Gordon Gekko 🤴🏻 (@gordongekko369) June 2, 2019 Fifty cents would go a long way to making longtime XRP investors whole and … Read more

Ripple: Why Corporations, Banks Love It While Crypto Community Hates It

By CCN.com: Ripple is arguably the most divisive cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, the company surpassed a 200-customer milestone as financial institutions such as Transpaygo, WorldCom Finance, and Euro Exim Bank signed up for RippleNet. If Ripple was like any other cryptocurrency, enthusiasts would have celebrated this accomplishment. Except for the XRP Army, the company is … Read more

Inside Ripple’s Disastrous Year: XRP is the Worst-Performing Major Crypto of 2019

By CCN.com: Ripple’s XRP is having a disastrous start to 2019. In a year when bitcoin is storming back towards bull territory, XRP has crashed 16 percent. The third-largest cryptocurrency is now the worst-performing digital asset in the top ten. Ripple’s woes worsened in yesterday’s trading session as XRP’s value dropped 7 percent, plunging below … Read more

Ripple or XRP – If There Is a Difference, It Doesn’t Matter!

A group of us received an e-mail first thing this Sunday morning. A Ripple/XRP aficionado wanted to let us know we’re “very unprofessional” for interchangeably using the terms “Ripple” and “XRP.” The “XRP Army,” as it were, likely has its sights on CCN.com. We have no editorial policy regarding these terms in place. A writer … Read more