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5 Insane Conspiracy Theories About That Bitcoin Twitter Scandal

bitcoin twitter controversy

By CCN Markets: Bitcoin maximalists feuding with altcoiners is not headline-worthy material. However, when a Twitter handle that boasts 1 million followers and previously pumped Bitcoin Cash suddenly deletes old anti-Bitcoin tweets and even links to Bitcoin.org in its profile, everyone takes notice. But due to the fact that no clear explanation has been given, the floodgates of conspiracy...

Did Bitcoin's Most Controversial Twitter Handle Just Change Hands?

bitcoin twitter

By CCN Markets: The long-running conflict between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters took another turn on Monday. The @Bitcoin Twitter handle, which previously showed support for the BCH community, appeared to switch sides suddenly. Within hours, hundreds of pro-BCH posts were deleted from the account, though others - including the pinned tweet - curiously remain. Meanwhile, the link...

'That's Not Bitcoin!' Craig Wright Rebukes Anti-Government Crypto Bulls

craigh wright bitcoin

By CCN Markets: There are few things Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash partisans agree on these days, but there’s still one activity that brings the two halves of crypto’s Great Schism together - bashing Craig Wright. The controversial Wright claims to have invented Bitcoin, which he subsequently abandoned following the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, only to abscond to a third project - Bitcoin SV - a year later...

'Bitcoin Jesus' Roger Ver Epically Trolls Lightning Shills

roger ver trolls Bitcoin Lightning Network

"Lightning fast" may eventually be a trademarked term for some crypto payments company or another, but "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver used the phrase to hard-troll fans of the Lightning Network. Guerilla Marketing by Bitcoin's Favorite Jesus Turned Judas Saying "Bitcoin Cash is lightning fast" and posting a video where a transaction is "completed" within 15 seconds, Ver undoubtedly knew that he was...

Judge: Coinbase 'Incompetent,' But No Fraud in Bitcoin Cash Launch

Coinbase bitcoin cash lawsuit

The Northern District Court of California has slammed Coinbase's ‘incompetence’ over its controversial Bitcoin Cash launch in 2017. The court denied a renewed motion by the company to force arbitration against plaintiff Jeffrey Berk, but dismissed allegations of fraud against Coinbase. “Moreover, while the factual allegations paint a compelling picture of an incompetent launch by Coinbase, the...

Two Years Later, Bitcoin Cash Is Still Not Bitcoin

bitcoin cash hard fork

Bitcoin Cash launched at Bitcoin block #478559, just over two years ago today. The Bitcoin block height as I write this is #588122. The Bitcoin Cash blockchain just added #593909. Two Years in Survival Mode In the intervening 100,000+ blocks, the chain has successfully proven that it can survive a hostile marketplace, multiple technical attacks, and even the wrath of billionaire Calvin Ayre and...

Crypto Tycoon Roger Ver Quietly Relinquishes CEO Role at Bitcoin.com

roger ver, bitcoin.com, bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash backer and noted cryptocurrency entrepreneur Roger Ver has quietly moved positions within his flagship company, Bitcoin.com. Formerly the CEO of Bitcoin.com – sometimes confused with the CEO of Bitcoin itself by newcomers – Ver is now listed on the site as the executive chairman. CEO to Executive Chairman, Quietly and Apparently Overnight A brief trip to the WayBack Machine reveals...

Bitcoin Cash Solid Fundamentals Could Act as Catalyst in Next Bull Market

bitcoin cash

Many people have suddenly flipped bearish on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the bitcoin fork plunged to as low as $255.10 on July 15. That’s a drop of over 50 percent from this year’s high of $517.12 which was posted on June 22. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency is still up by almost 95 percent year-to-date even after a 50 percent devaluation. This says a lot about the strength of Bitcoin Cash. We looked...

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