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Bernie Sanders Vows to Expose Area 51's UFO Secrets

Bernie Sanders, Area 51, UFOs

Bernie Sanders may not be the president you want, but he's absolutely the president you need. That is, if you're holding onto hope that one day soon someone will expose all of Area 51's dirty secrets. President Bernie Sanders Will Tell Us All About the UFOs Sanders went on the wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast yesterday to discuss various topics surrounding his presidential campaign. At...

Rogue Bernie Sanders Backs Donald Trump on North Korea

Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump

In a rare display of support for Donald Trump, Senator Bernie Sanders, who is also a 2020 presidential candidate, said he has no problem with Trump's attempts to negotiate with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. I have no problem with Trump negotiating with Kim Jong Un. But while he's meeting with Kim, he's pushed us to the brink of war with Iran, and kept us in the horrific Saudi-led war...

Pro-Bitcoin Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang to Shake Up Democratic Debate

Andrew Yang, Bitcoin

Andrew Yang is the most crypto-friendly presidential candidate ever to mount a serious campaign for the White House. And he’s about to go toe-to-toe with the DNC establishment as the second night of Democratic debates kicks off on Thursday, featuring a stacked field of candidates. Andrew Yang: the bitcoin president? Yang launched his presidential campaign with a strong commitment to providing...

Bernie Sanders Wants a 'Political Revolution' but Economy Is Humming

Bernie Sanders

By CCN Markets: Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has reportedly called for a full-blown "political revolution" to fix the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, popular metrics such as the stock market and GDP point to economic vigor. In fact, since the Great Recession was over a decade ago, the economy has been expanding for the longest stretch in history. Bernie Sanders Calls for a 'Political Revolution'...

Critics Slam Walmart for Siding With Bernie Sanders on Minimum Wage

walmart and bernie sanders

By CCN: Walmart held its annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday. Normally these are dry events, but Bernie Sanders brought plenty of drama to this year's edition. Sanders showed up, in person, to make his demands clear. These include a minimum wage of $15 for all Walmart employees and putting hourly workers onto the company's board of directors. Sanders Takes Shots at Walton Family Sanders has...

'Bitcoin Bernie': Mike Novogratz Calls for Radical Weath Redistribution

bernie sanders, mike novogratz, bitcoin

By CCN: These days, billionaire hedge fund titan Mike Novogratz is known more for his rabid Bitcoin pumping than his Wall Street wizardry. However, in a new CNBC interview, he channeled his inner Bernie Sanders to champion another of his passions: wealth redistribution. Novogratz, Bernie, & AOC Find Surprising Common Ground During an appearance on Squawk Box today, Novogratz commented on...

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