'Bacon Intern' Wanted at CA Burger Chain & It Pays $125 an Hour

farmer boys bacon internship

Bacon lovers, listen up! The California burger chain Farmer Boys wants to hire a "Bacon Intern" to taste-test its pork-tacular new menu offerings. And the best part is, you'll be paid $1,000 to go hog-wild enjoying as much bacon as you want for one day. That's $125 per hour for a standard eight-hour workday. Farmer Boys, which is based in Riverdale, California, has 92 locations across California...

Miracle Whip Hints at 'Whipcoin' ICO in Playful Tweet

miracle whip ico

Mayonnaise brand Miracle Whip has taken a humorous poke at the crypto industry with a tongue-in-cheek tweet announcing its planned ICO -- an "initial condiment offering" for a cryptocurrency called "Whipcoin." Thinking about an Initial Condiment Offering... What do our new #crypto friends think about #WhipCoin 🤔 pic.twitter.com/plNV8t9sCt — Miracle Whip (@MiracleWhip) September 6, 2018 The...

Think Bitcoin’s a Bubble? Oscar Mayer’s ‘Bacoin Cryptocurrency’ Just Crashed 93%


Bitcoin bears frequently deride the flagship cryptocurrency as a speculative bubble, but just wait until they find out about the volatility of Bacoin, a bacon-backed "cryptocurrency" from Oscar Mayer. First things first: Bacoin is not a cryptocurrency. Rather, it's a cleverly-branded promotion that uses an instant win game -- excuse me, "mining" -- to give away bacon coupons whose values float...

'Bacoin' Creator Slaps Oscar Mayer with Cease-and-Desist Letter


“Hands off my Bacoin.” That’s the message a 27-year-old IT worker has for Oscar Mayer. When Oscar Mayer launched what it called “the only leading authority to help lead bacon into the future of tomorrow – by creating a currency today,” they failed to recognize that Kirk Steele had created a cryptocurrency in 2014 called Bacoin designed to be redeemed for strips of bacon, just like how Oscar...

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