Arizona Overhauls Blockchain Bill to Focus on Crypto Payments

An Arizona Senate bill that previously focused on state income tax is getting a makeover, the Senator who crafted the bill tells Senator Warren Petersen, a Republican, said the bill is being redesigned to instead focus on point-of-sale crypto tax payments known as the transaction privilege tax (TPT) in the state. Arizona residents could be the … Read more

Arizona’s Corporate Blockchain Bill Becomes Law

Arizona just advanced its ranking among blockchain-friendly states, bringing corporations one step closer to submitting all of their data on distributed ledger technology. Governor Doug Ducey has signed House Bill 2603, or the Corporations/Blockchain Technology bill, as an amendment to the Arizona Revised Statutes, which already supports “signatures and records secured through blockchain technology and smart … Read more

Next Up, Paying Uncle Sam Taxes in Bitcoin

The ink is barely dry on President Trump’s tax legislation, and a new bill has surfaced in Arizona that kicks things up another notch. The bill proposes using bitcoin to pay state income taxes, and it was submitted by Senators Warren Petersen and David Farnsworth as well as Reps. Travis Grantham and Jeff Weninger, all … Read more

Delaware Governor Signs Blockchain Regulation Bill into Law


The governor of Delaware has officially signed a bill into law that recognizes the trading of stocks on the blockchain. In April, the Corporation Law Section of the Delaware State Bar Association (DSBA) had approved Delaware Law Amendments with the intention of delivering statutory authority for businesses in the state to use the blockchain to maintain corporate records. … Read more

Arizona Governor Signs into Law Blockchain Gun Tracking Bill

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed a bill into law that prohibits the blockchain technology from being used to track firearm information. First filed by Arizona state representative Paul Boyer in January, HB 2216 will prevent anyone – although law enforcement are exempt under the rule – from using the distributed ledger to track when … Read more

Official: Arizona Law Recognizes Blockchain Signatures and Smart Contracts

Arizona law

The Arizona governor has signed a bill that officially recognizes blockchain signatures and smart contracts. Just last week, the Senate of the state of Arizona passed the bill, HB 2417, which was introduced by state representative Jeff Weninger on 6 February, 2017. The bill passed with a vote of 28-1 where it was then passed … Read more