MSNBC is Ignoring Andrew Yang- But it Could Help His “Free Money” Campaign

Andrew Yang, Yang 2020

Outlier candidate Andrew Yang has been left out of MSNBC’s election coverage on several occasions. Yang’s supporters say the oversight is intentional and speaks to the network’s political agenda. The tension could actually build support for Yang as an anti-establishment candidate. Andrew Yang has become somewhat of a wild-card in the Democratic Primaries this year. … Read more

Andrew Yang’s Plan to Regulate ‘Big Tech’ Is Tyranny

Andrew Yang presidential candidate

Andrew Yang’s plan to regulate big tech will end up backfiring, and trample the Constitution in the process. As technology outpaces government’s understanding of it, policymakers are at a loss in trying to regulate it properly. Yang’s proposal to create more government, not to mention a new department, completely ignores the $22 trillion deficit hanging … Read more