West African Nations Unveil a New Single Currency Without Blockchain


In a potentially risky move, the 15 member nations of ECOWAS – Economic Community of West African States –  have agreed to launch Eco, a “common currency” similar to the method the EU uses. Eco is expected to make its debut in January 2020. In an attempt to create more frictionless trade, West African leaders … Read more

Is the Boeing 737 Max 8 at Fault for the Ethiopian Airlines Disaster?

Ethiopian Airlines

There are no survivors on an Ethiopian Airlines plane crash that occurred on a March 10 flight that was bound for Nairobi. The flight, which took off from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is believed to have been carrying 149 passengers and eight crew members, none of whom survived, according to Ethiopian Airlines, which has been providing updates on Twitter.

There is a common denominator between this fatal accident and that of Lion Air in October 2018 that claimed 189 lives in the Java Sea. Both airlines are customers of the same Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplane, which is a newer aircraft that made its debut in 2016 and which begs the question, is Boeing at fault?

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Senegal Will Introduce a Blockchain-Based National Digital Currency

Senegal will become one of the earliest countries in the world to introduce a national digital currency, based on blockchain technology. Titled eCFA, the digital currency will be legal tender alongside the CFA Franc, the country’s and the region’s national currency, adopted by fourteen countries in the region. These countries were predominantly French colonies in … Read more