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Serie A Football Club Partners With Jetcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:45 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:45 PM

Hellas Verona F.C., a Serie A football (soccer) club based in Verona, Veneto, Italy, has become the first professional football team to be paid in Jetcoin, a block-chain-based loyalty reward that allows fans to benefit from the success of athletes. Hellas Verona fans receive membership rewards using this currency and are able to be actively involved in the success of their favorite athletes.

Jetcoin champions release a portion of their IP rights to the Jetcoin Institute, which identifies, recruits and develops promising talents from the sports and entertainment worlds. The institute sells a portion of these assigned rights in the form of Jetcoin contracts and uses the proceeds to create career plans for the talents.

Fans Earn Jetcoin, Support The Club

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Fans can purchase Jetcoin smart contracts with Jetcoins on the Jetcoin online platform.

Once the Jetcoins earn revenues, the contract automatically pays revenues to contract holders in their digital Jetcoin wallet. Jetcoins can be redeemed in gold or a currency of choice.

Jetcoin holders can also use Jetcoins to purchase unique experiences with their selected talents, such as access to behind the scenes, seat upgrades, VIP boxes, exclusive events or parties. Jetcoins can also be used to purchase merchandise for the respective Jetcoin champion.

Fans can buy Jetcoins through the online Jetcoin platform or through proof of social engagement. Following or liking a Jetcoin champion on a social media platform earns a fan Jetcoins while raising the social awareness of the Jetcoin champion.

Jetcoin Athletes Support The Community

Jetcoin champions are required to donate 10% of their Jetcoin earnings to and become ambassadors of Jetcoin Institute approved charities.

Giovanni Gardini, the club’s general manager, said the club is excited to be part of the implementation of cutting-edge block chain technology. “After weeks of strategic discussions with Jetcoin, we have full confidence in their solutions and that is why we are accepting Jetcoins as payment for club sponsorship,” he said.

Eric Alexandre, Jetcoin CEO, said he is pleased the club selected Jetcoin as its digital partner. He noted the club has the sixth largest football fan base in Italy and understands the need for new technological solutions to bring unique value to its digital fan base.

The partnership includes brand visibility on the Hellas Verona jersey, on the website, in the magazine, within the M. Bentegodi stadium, in interview back drops, in the training camp and other outlets.

Club To Select The Next Jetcoin Champion

The Hellas Verona sports director will select the next Jetcoin champion during the team’s upcoming Asia Tour in May of 2016 organized by the Jetcoin Institute.

The first Jetcoin Champion is Antoine Viterale, who has been called the “future Beckham” by various commentators.

The club noted it is committed to supporting Jetcoin solutions and is dedicated to building Jetcoin Championships to its maximum potential.

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