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Seinfeld Actor Jason Alexander Slams ‘Jerk’ Ted Cruz in 2020 Presidential Burn

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:42 PM
Ben Brown
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:42 PM

By CCN.com: Former presidential candidate Ted Cruz walked right into a comedic slam when he tried to make a Seinfeld joke on Twitter this week. His failed humor drew the attention of Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander (who played George Costanza on the cult sitcom) who called the Republican senator a “jerk.”

Ted Cruz’s Failed Seinfeld Joke

Cruz tweeted last week about democrat senator Michael Bennett, a 2020 presidential hopeful from Colorado. He said Bennett’s campaign was:

“A Seinfeld campaign – about nothing – that typifies the Left’s empty rage in 2020. In a decade in the Senate, he’s done very little…but he did stomp his foot & yell at me on Senate floor (which he features in fundraising emails).”

The tweet refers to the classic Seinfeld trope that the show is “about nothing.” The joke became popular after an episode during which Alexander’s character George Costanza pitched Larry Seinfeld a sitcom idea, The Show About Nothing.

Jason Alexander Hits Back, Calls Cruz a Jerk

The Cruz tweet was initially greeted with tumbleweed and a few reminders that Bennett “wiped the floor” with Cruz in a widely shared debate earlier this year .

And then George Costanza weighed in with support for Michael Bennett and a burning Seinfeld reference of his own.

The “jerk store” line refers to a famous Costanza one-liner that bombed on the show, a not-so-subtle hint that Cruz’s attempt at humor fell flat on its face. Alexander said:

“I’ve met Bennett. He is a great man and real choice for POTUS. As for Cruz – the jerk store called and they’re running out of you. I say, the faster the better.”

It’s the second time this week a high profile actor has weighed in on American politics. Kevin Costner slammed American politics over the weekend and suggested Michelle Obama run for president.

A Real Choice for POTUS?

Funny as Alexander’s tweet was, Bennett is unlikely to make a real dent on the Democrat primaries. In the most recent poll , which puts former VP Joe Biden in first place, Bennett registers between one and two percent support.

Bennett launched a delayed presidential run last week after recovering from a sudden prostate cancer diagnosis. The Colorado senator aims to run on a platform of Child Tax Credit expansion, a higher minimum wage, and a fierce climate change agenda.

Ted Cruz, who ran a failed presidential bid behind Donald Trump in 2016, is unlikely to take another stab at the White House this time around.